Saturday, April 28, 2012

birds of a feather

okay peeps.  true confessions tonight.

I am in a serious, no SERIOUS funk.  I swear I've put on 5lbs in just as many days.  I feel lethargic.  tired. stressed.  I am unfun.  the fun-sucker.  I don't even have the energy to self analyze.  that said, I need to self analyze.

and perhaps set some mini-goals.

1.  I will drink four venti {20 oz} glasses of water per day.  for the next seven days.
2.  I will eat completely gluten free.  for the next seven days.  {I've been MAINLY doing this, but I've been cheating.  and I can tell.  not so hard to do, just need to keep at it.}
3.  I will stop eating all fake sugar.  and white sugar.  and added sugar.  for the next seven days.  which means no diet coke with my booze.  which may just mean no booze.  {yes, I get the irony}
4.  and in seven days, I'm going to let you know how I feel.

sometimes you just need to change the behaviour, even though the heart just isn't into it.  know what I mean?  I feel icky right now.  bloaty.  and I'm owning every cupcake that passed my lips this past week.  they were DELISH.  but for the next seven days, I'm going to just own these changes.

'cause the next week is going to be CRAZY!!!!!  soccer starts.  I have to teach {no more student teacher.  super sad}.  john's on days.  class on monday.  book that won't just read itself - for the monday class.  maybe a job interview.  ya.  a bit crazy.

and if I can get through one week, then maybe continuing into week two won't look so daunting.  and just maybe I can pull it together to make a walking schedule and start training.  but let's not go nuts in week one!!

who's with me?  who wants to set a goal for this week?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

be still

I've been poaching music as of late.  fooling around on the piano more than normal.  procrastinating.  downloading.  morphing.  loving different.

some leonard cohen on a saturday morning!  I am really loving the sound of the civil wars and yesterday I just caved and downloaded the whole album.  I am not normally a folk/country kind of girl, but my tastes in music have been morphing just a bit.  {oh, and I'm listening to a live - and very free from their website - album as I write this!}

do we want to talk about the fact that I'm falling in love with the fray?  didn't even know who they were before wednesday night and I totally shazamed a song from the end of criminal minds.  and I LOVE.  oh, and I may have taught myself how to play it on the piano.  yeah, you know I did.

oh and I have I introduced you to alex clare?  yeah.  I've been holding out!  I can't remember the last time my ipod saw such an influx of music!!

have you figured out how much of a nerd I am yet?  I'm not making any apologies for my geekyness, but I'm thinking some of you may have figured it out.  or at least become suspicious!  here are some signs that at less than 90 days before my 40th birthday that I am indeed more geek than cool:

1.  yes, I bought a ukulele {and extra strings for it!!}.  and to be clear, I bought it for school, so I can teach the kids how to play it.
2.  I'm hoping to learn get some "how to play" tips from this "for real" ukulele from a guy this month.  or maybe that's next month.  regardless, I'm excited!
3.  I'm jonesing to spend some time on a long board.  I wish I had the $300+ dollars I'd need to buy a new one.  not too sure why I'm thinking of that today.  we had another dump of snow.  yes.  on april 14th.  strange, strange spring here.
4.  I record music that I like and send it to my friends.  yeah, I spent some time on the keyboard yesterday and recorded a song I've been working on.  it's not a song I wrote or anything, just one I poached.  it needs some work, but it's a me song.
5.  I saw the hunger games for the second time tonight.  I've also seen the girl with the dragon tattoo twice.  {see?  GEEK!}
6.  I read mystery books to avoid school work.  I have a research project, an article review and other class stuff to do.  in order to avoid doing this work, I've read 8-10 paperback mysteries.
7.  I try to escape the house, kids and husband at least once a week and I hide out at the starbucks down the road.  me, my book and my ipod.  it's how I deal with stress.  it's been two weeks.  so unlike me!
8.  I have starwars figures and lego men that hang out on my desk at school.  they hang out with my prime minister action figures. {y'all know this...I've talked about it before!}
9.  I drink my saturday morning smoothies out of a purple pirate cup.

10.  I'm abnormally excited that there is a doc marten store opening up at the mall.
11.  and I drink my saturday morning coffee out of my las vegas starbucks mug.

I had always figured that by 40 I'd be cooler than I am.  turns out that I'm totally okay with my inner geek.  maybe geek is the new cool.  or maybe I have under 90 days to change?  HECK NO!  I like my quirks.  I'm good with me.  and that's all cool.

geek.  me.  happy.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


so I did this thing a while back.  a wee podcast.  not too sure if you'd be interested in listening, but it's here, if you want to listen...

so.  how are you???  what's new?  tell all... {YES, COMMENT!!!!}