Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my eyes hurt

yeah. THAT'S how tired I am. yet, I sit here...watching the season finale of HOUSE! some of my stampin' girls came over tonight...I really have such great times on make & take night, and we made a really great little project, inspired by erika's book that she sent me last month [thanks, e!]. I promise I will take a picture tomorrow and post it for you.

oh, and I also made these super easy, super healthy muffins tonight [here's the recipe, suz!].

chocolate fix muffins:
3 cups all bran cereal [I used fiber 1...and they worked just fine]
2-1/2 cups water

soak together for 5 minutes

1 box low-fat brownie mix
1/2 cup cocoa
2 TBSP mini chocolate chips
1-1/2 tsp baking powder

mix by hand, divide batter equally into 24 lined muffin tins, bake at 350 for 20 minutes.


Friday, May 25, 2007

the pics tell the story

another friday...

I am going to take 5 pictures - 5 pictures that describe my week...and THAT will be my fab/fave/five/friday!

off to shoot...and then I will post!

okay, these are the ones I chose: john, sitting at the computer [he put up with my hacking all week!], the ice cream, the meds, the new martha punches, my foot! [I was going to post a picture of my super messy house, but I decided not to torture the world with the mess!]

Thursday, May 24, 2007

a sore throat & a sore foot

for all you smart cookies out there, you are going to wonder what I am doing blogging mid day on a Thursday. no, I am not fooling around on the computer at work, I am sitting in the comfort of my lovely home, sneezing my face off [yeah, wipe those germs off your screen!] and icing my foot.

so, I took the boys to st paul last weekend - we had a great visit with coralee. I posted some of the pictures below - and I will post more if I can hobble my way downstairs. the only downside was that ty didn't really want to sleep the first night. nate awakened him [I would like to think by accident!] at around 10pm. I think it was 2am before he was sleeping again. and even that was in bed with nate and I instead of in the playpen where he was suppose to be. both boys were up at 6am - me and all my exhaustion tried to sleep as they jumped around me on the bed! needless to say, the cold kicked it up a notch and by sunday night, I was begging for drugs! cold or not, the boys and I had SO much fun! it was so great to see how nate had matured since we had been there last. he was not scared of any of the animals and he rode the "little tractor" [okay, so it was a lawn mower, but don't tell him!] with lance and just had a ball. ty did a big ol' joy dance when he saw the dump truck, and he sat on lance's harley like he owned the thing! cor & I had a really nice time catching up on everything. a really good long weekend!

then tuesday came. I had significantly drugged cold into submission on tuesday morning, as we had a big field trip and I was NOT going to miss it for anything! well, I go to leave the house when I trip and land on my foot & my ass. john comes running out [I must have screamed - or in all probability, screamed the f-word] and I seriously couldn't get up. you know how when you twist your ankle and then you get up, walk it off and all is well? yeah. that didn't happen. however, I did get up and limped a bit and decided that I needed to go to school, regardless of my foot. well, by the time I got there, I was in extraordinary pain and after some collegial coaxing, I decided to postpone the field trip. since subs are an enigma as of late, I shipped out all my students, with work, and headed to the medi center. to make a long story short, I did not break anything, but I did bruise the bone on the top of my foot. I tried to take the day off yesterday, but there were no subs, so today is the day. funny thing, my foot doesn't hurt nearly as much as my face [sinus colds suck, dude!]...and I am in debate if I should go in tomorrow. I am feeling like there is so much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in!

so, there is my crazy story - and if you've been wondering where I've been the last few days...well now you know! hopefully I can be back out walking on sunday...I hate not keeping up with my training schedule. I am thankful though. I could be sitting her in a pretty pink cast!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'd really like to blog, but...

I feel like crap, I am extraordinarily tired and there is 35 minutes left of 24. so, instead, I will show you some pics from this weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

top 5 reasons...

since I skipped this yesterday:

top 5 reasons not to drink too much wine on a friday night...
1. the six am headache sucks.
2. gimmie WATER!!
3. the six am headache and hearing that the kids are up already
4. having your husband laugh at you
5. having 2 teenagers walk home with you [just to make sure you get to the right house!]

okay, so I did have a ton of fun watching dreamgirls with connie last night, but I should have stopped with one glass! the boys and I are off to st paul this morning - they are already driving me crazy and nate's been doing this whole screaming & following when I leave the house. grrr. well, off to finish packing up the car - it's bound to be an expensive trip at $1.21 a liter. alas, the farm on a cold, rainy may long weekend is ALL good!

so, have A glass of wine this weekend and enjoy the weather wherever you may be!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my feet hurt.

class on monday night. 5k last night. soccer & 4k tonight. all this walking [although good for me on SO many levels] is KILLING MY FEET! I need a foot massage! and I am losing my voice. tomorrow should be interesting!

and why is it that I don't have the energy to stamp. that DRIVES ME CRAZY! well, bottom line, I believe I have a fine case of pms. things could be worse, but this week [today] kinda sucks! I will take this lone opportunity to have a big ol' complaining fit, then tomorrow I will wake up and have a much better day!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


I don't really have the energy to blog tonight - I AM SO TIRED! thank goodness that it's a short week [I have friday off school]. and the boys and I are going up to st paul this weekend to visit coralee. that should be uber fun!

so I am doing this 2lb a week challenge right now - yeah, I exercised EVERY day last week and gained one pound. darn it ALL! but, I did go to class tonight and I did a kazillion squats, so not all is lost. I may not be losing, but this body is going to be strong whether it kills me or not!

off to bed. nite all!

Friday, May 11, 2007

fab five friday

okay, so me and my great ideas lead to nothingness. you would think I could do a top 5 list every week? dontcha? yeah - well I have no idea what I have done and not done so if this is a repeat...well I apologize in advance!

for today, my top fave five places to visit in italy!

1. san gimignano [yeah, top of the list - you'd better believe it baby!]
2. florence [no duh!]
3. the uffizi [the home of the godess!]
4. st. peter's [yes, rome IS on my list - just not the top!]
5. poggibonsi [just because of the name & the fun memories!!]

so my day may not have been filled with fab fun friday-ness...but I am liking my list! give me a holler [via comments] if you've been there & done that!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


pictures of nate at his first soccer game. so stinkin' cute...what can I say? I am TOTALLY the biased mother! I was really proud of him last night. he played 2 whole shifts, even though his best buddy, dominick, was playing for the other team. john did a great job coaching the kids too. what can I say? it was just a really nice evening and I hope nate does just as good for the rest of the season. [he was a bit annoyed that he didn't score a goal...THAT is my competitive son!]

on another note, this week has been one of THOSE weeks. 2 teeth pulled on tuesday [and a filling re-do], soccer last night, shots for ty today. and then school. I still feel like I am just barely floating in the sea of work, but today I felt like my kids made a math breakthrough. adding with re-grouping finally makes sense [to the kids, that is!!]. YIPPIE! I totally have to remember the small things and cherish them. like my one non-reading kid, reading a little book to me. like another student complementing one that he usually fights with. like one who is often too scared to risk, taking a huge risk to get in front of the class and try something new. I am so proud of them, although they do drive me bonkers MOST of the time!! alas, the life of a teacher. I love it for all of those reasons.

and then the HUGEST THING OF ALL [for me!]: I have been hitting the pavement more as of late. I can honestly say that I have moved this body every day this week. my class on monday. to london drugs and back on tuesday. an hour with mom & rae on wednesday. to second cup and back today. I had coffee with susan tonight and she told me my bum looks smaller. that's the nicest complement EVER!! lol. so I came home and ate the rest of the pizza from dinner. yeah - still a steep learning curve with all of this. one step at a time, right?

all things good and special

Monday, May 07, 2007

my very serious little boy.

now, I have always said that nate is a cookie cutter of john; today was proof of that. let me backtrack a bit. nate is starting soccer season. the first soccer season of his life! john took him to the mall 2 weeks ago and they bought soccer cleats and shin pads. the shin pads have lived on nate's little shins since then. well, last wednesday, it rained buckets so the game was cancelled. john [being the great coach that he is!] held a practice on sunday. nate refused to play. well, today, john took nate out in the back yard and ran some drills with him. he has the same intense look on his face that john has when he plays. I love these pics!

Friday, May 04, 2007

a fab friday?

I guess so.

turns out nate has a nasty ear infection. although, looking at him today, you'd never know. what a resilient kid. he's a keeper! tomorrow is super busy - but hey, how is THAT different from any other day? mmmm. I am at a behavioural seminar all day, then it's off to seth's birthday party. should be good times!! john, being the great husband that he always is, will have the kids all day. he doesn't even complain. I like that. sunday is going to be busy too. if we are having church, it'll be at our house. I am also having a "cards in a jar" fun-tastic time on sunday afternoon! I am looking forward to it!

okay, enough rambling...here's today's fave five:
cori's fave five blogs:
karen russell
okay, and a bunch more that I just can't pick! just today I've been on kirstin's, emily's, kimberly's...just to name a few.

and then there is my new obsession: facebook. eeek!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


okay, so I got tagged...which means someone reads my measly blog [maybe?]!

7 things, then tag 7 people [THAT could be the problem!].

1. I am a teacher.
2. I play the piano - not as much lately as I'd like...!
3. I love mystery novels - the forensic/csi type.
4. I was once a radio dj [not paid, and with someone who knew how to work all the stuff...but I did talk "one the radio"!]
5. I've never really liked my name, but was always thankful that it wasn't Cornelia.
6. not NEW news, but I really love my coffee. a venti americano with cream. mmm.
7. I want to move to europe - holland. france. germany. italy. someday.

now, not too sure how the whole tagging thing works, nor am I sure if I know 7 other bloggers, but if I list your name here, then you're IT!

susan. erika. katrina. kirstin. see, I already ran out of people. GRRR! oh well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

it's COLD!

I want to stamp. I really do. but I am SOOOO tired and my back hurts. grrr. okay, enough complaining. HOWEVER, check out my friend erika's new blog - that girl has SKILLZ!


I will see if I can create something tonight...!