Monday, May 07, 2007

my very serious little boy.

now, I have always said that nate is a cookie cutter of john; today was proof of that. let me backtrack a bit. nate is starting soccer season. the first soccer season of his life! john took him to the mall 2 weeks ago and they bought soccer cleats and shin pads. the shin pads have lived on nate's little shins since then. well, last wednesday, it rained buckets so the game was cancelled. john [being the great coach that he is!] held a practice on sunday. nate refused to play. well, today, john took nate out in the back yard and ran some drills with him. he has the same intense look on his face that john has when he plays. I love these pics!

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Kirstin said...

look how big those boys are getting! you should be proud of them, they are cuties!