Sunday, September 14, 2014

every breaking wave

it's late.
alone again.
echoing sounds waft in.


this word, the cry of my heart.
unsettling every part of me.


it resonates with in me, it needs to move me.
inaction is my refrain.
resistance is the cry from my pain.

trying to wriggle out of the hold.
fighting off the sleep that has kept my mind captive.


bound by my shame.
my guilt.
done to me.
done by me.
grace is only a word.

but my heart longs.
forgiveness begins here.

awake my soul.

Monday, September 01, 2014

guiding light

happy long weekend!

today, it's just a few of my favourite things.  I can't be serious all the time, can I?

1.  I got to see foy vance at the edmonton folk music festival a couple of weeks ago.  it was one of those magical moments when the bands on stage had a moment.  more than once.  foy vance.  bear's den.  parker millsap.  they're still doing a dance in my playlist.  this is my favourite [and more so because it's the 10 minute version!]:

2.  the bridge.  have I talked about this show before?  summer tv is sometimes my favourite because all the strange and wonderful feels it's way to the top without the same pressure of ratings and competing for a spot in the line up.  the bridge is a show based on a danish television show.  I've not watched the danish version {reading subtitles wears me out!}, but the f/x version is pretty solid.  the characters are flawed and memorable.  and it's a cop show - my favourite kind of tv!  creepy.  dark.  and intolerable at times, it's worth adding to your viewing if you like a good drama.

3. coffee.  oh common, it's a given in my world.  but in seattle, I had to have some of my and mugs.  since I have a keurig, it required buying  a contraption so that I can still drink my good coffee!  anyways, if you're in seattle, go visit seattle coffee works.  it's worth your time!

4.  the neon museum in vegas.  metal.  neon.  lights.  broken and rusted.  

5.  pike place market with the boys.  Ty loved gum alley; Nate was repulsed!  and that sums up our seattle experience.  one happy kid, one miserable kid.  and this lone picture of both of them smiling!

6.  and osoyoos.  our sweet place of bliss.  wineries, pools, sunshine and time spent together.  I'm missing the heat just looking at these pictures!  the first picture is taken from the balcony of our room and the next two at a vineyard called tinhorn creek.  it seriously has the best views of the valley.  then going to rustico was a total experience.  the boys got badges from the sheriff!  and maverick.  one of my up and coming favourites.  it's new and the wine is LOVELY.

7.  and this may be my most favourite thing of all.  the boys, liking each other, dipping their feet in the lake, that turned into an impromptu swim!  I am SOOOOO ready for them to be back at school, but I am very grateful for a summer where we could spend time together and build memories.