Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hurry, hurry!

quickly!!!! head to erika's blog - she's giving away treats and it's the last day! quit reading here and GO!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

a little bit of this...and a little bit of that!

I think I have lost all 6 of my readers with the lack of action on my poor blog. sorry everyone. school is going well; it's that crazy-report-card-never-ending-pre-christmas time of the year, but still it is good. I like good.

I haven't really felt like I've had a ton of stamping time, but I made some super-fly paper bows [check e's blog...she's got a picture and a link to the tutorial] and I did a scrapbook page. we are having some fun computer issues as of late, so taking & posting pictures is a bit trying right now [grrr!].

let's see...other new things. john & I had a date night last night. some christmas shopping at THE mall, dinner at earls [espresso love martini, baby!] and a late show - american gangster! the best part was sleeping in this morning...since the kids were having sleepovers at various grandma's houses!!! love my kids. love them more when I've had uninterrupted sleep.

and one crafty-type note/picture...altered clipboard/countdown to christmas dealy! felice is coming over to stamp tomorrow...happy!! I am starting to get into a bit of a christmas mood. I really love christmas, so regardless of no snow, I'll be happy to make some christmas cards tomorrow and begin all those christmas fun things!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


wow! a long couple of days. I am feeling pretty good about everything though. got through a rememberance day with flying colours - I think we did good! it was really nice to see so many of our community members out to support our kids. lots of stress for yvonne & I...but it's done and it's all good.

and, I went to exercise today. I hurt. the good hurt.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

all sorts of things

1. lost my wedding ring. it's kinda been a bad week on that level. I am just consoled that the big guy knows exactly where it is - and is the guy in charge of me. it's all okay.

2. ipp's are done.

3. remembrance day stuff is pretty much done. I can seriously rock a powerpoint presentation. supah cool!

4. have some stamping to do - will do after thursday!

5. school has been stressful - halloween week SUCKS at school. plus a time change - BRUTAL!

6. I started weight watchers [the online version] yesterday. 10 lbs by christmas. I am FINALLY feeling a bit motivated.

7. my house needs to be cleaned. if you come over, please ignore the dustbunnies.

8. I am feeling bad about my inability to answer the phone & emails. the last 2 weeks have been nuts and I am finally feel like I am recouping from it all.

9. computer is going nuts. viral issues. does that sound really pussy & icky??? well it should - this whole virus issue is ANNOYING!

10. when you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last?