Tuesday, November 06, 2007

all sorts of things

1. lost my wedding ring. it's kinda been a bad week on that level. I am just consoled that the big guy knows exactly where it is - and is the guy in charge of me. it's all okay.

2. ipp's are done.

3. remembrance day stuff is pretty much done. I can seriously rock a powerpoint presentation. supah cool!

4. have some stamping to do - will do after thursday!

5. school has been stressful - halloween week SUCKS at school. plus a time change - BRUTAL!

6. I started weight watchers [the online version] yesterday. 10 lbs by christmas. I am FINALLY feeling a bit motivated.

7. my house needs to be cleaned. if you come over, please ignore the dustbunnies.

8. I am feeling bad about my inability to answer the phone & emails. the last 2 weeks have been nuts and I am finally feel like I am recouping from it all.

9. computer is going nuts. viral issues. does that sound really pussy & icky??? well it should - this whole virus issue is ANNOYING!

10. when you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last?

1 comment:

Amanda said...

I totally eat the red last. How did you know? Good luck with WW!