Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day two

well, glad to report that I went to torture class today and did two gym lengths [the short way] of lunges. did a plank or three. did squats and pushups. and I feel pretty darn good. I am thinking that for april I really need to hit lesley's class twice a week just to cross train.

tomorrow, I am meeting my mom to do a super long walk...takes the heat off for the weekend.

just thought I'd check in!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

day one

man I got a lot done today. kids closets purged, some toys gone, dusting done and then the robot did his job. had a friend over for lunch. I walked to starbucks and back [5.2 km]. and that wee walk is the issue I am currently having.

MY LEGS HURT!! yeah, I was just blogging to complain. this whole exercise thing had better pay off. my goal is to walk or do some other form of vigorous exercise everyday this week. I started on saturday with 3k in less than 30 minutes [some of that was running]. yesterday it was an hour at the track with rae. and today. well, I think I need an advil!! all I can say is that this whole plan had better pay off. tomorrow it's off to a class in the morning. wednesday, another walk. thursday...well, maybe some damn lunges in the basement with some even more lovely squats and maybe a plank or two. blah. and it's suppose to snow again. wow. life in edmonton is GREAT!

24 is mere minutes away.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

me & my ty

ty is such a wonderful kid. a kid that drives me around the bend, but his personality makes me laugh so hard. I don't always get a lot of alone time with him, mainly because nate demands so much of my attention...BUT, when I do get those few times, I so enjoy it. tonight, we took some pictures and recorded a video. enjoy!

oh, and in other news, I was up .6 this week. all this up and down business is driving me crazy. however, I have walked the last 2 days and am challenging myself to walk at least 30 minutes every day of spring break. I am going to work this a$$ off if it kills me. this way, if the scale doesn't move this week, the measuring tape sure will.

Monday, March 23, 2009

a trip to the mall

okay, so that's not really out of the ordinary. actually stepping foot into sephora - okay, ordinary as well. I went in to get another of purity [see picture] - the BEST facial cleaner of all times and walked out with a bottle of THIS: the microdelivery exfoliating wash.

now, I use purity rather religiously. I love that it's fairly gentle on my skin and that it's shower worthy - I can just lather up my face in the shower, rinse and voila...clean face. lately, however, my increase of lines on my face has become rather, well, annoying. I know, I know, I am over 35, but if I don't begin to take care of my skin, it will just get nasty and pruny faster. let's not do THAT. this new stuff, well you are suppose to use it after purity, on a super clean face. it has little chunky/sandy things in it that do some sort of miracle. now maybe I was expecting less lines after the first usage, but I swear there were less. smooth, lovely, clean face. I like. I really like. in fact, I almost want to clean my face tonight. LOL that's right, I CAN! then, the lovely sephora lady answered my greasy face question/issue. people rant and rave about hope in a jar. I've had my jar for a while now and really, I hate it. turns out there's one for dry skin [with OIL in it] and one for regular skin [with NO OIL]. guess which one I own. yup. the dry skin one. I've been putting OIL on my skin. no wonder I have grease dripping from my head by 2pm almost every day. the lady gave me a sample of the regular people one and today, I loved. grrr. and the stuff is UBER expensive. oh well, I'll make my sample last.

oh, and on another note, I was down .2 this week. I need a big loss this week. I NEED IT!!! LOL

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 years ago

John and I hooked up, after a night of drinking, 9 years ago tonight. why does that seem like forever ago? and although we had a lot of crap to work through [mainly on my end, since I thought I was queen of the world, which hey, IS NOT true!], I am really glad that it happened the way it did and that we happened the way we did.

gotta love o'byrnes irish pub on st. patrick's day!

so, I didn't report in last saturday. mainly because I gained .8 which really is quite discouraging. although I totally know that there are good reasons [specifically starting the period from HELL the day before weigh in day], I still get a bit annoyed. however, I walked 7 km on saturday pm and I have plans to walk/run again tomorrow. and I have totally stayed within my points totals [okay, so I always stay within my points totals, but historically an off-week would really mean an off-week which would lead to quitting and then regaining all weight plus 10 lbs]. all that to say this: I AM NOT GIVING UP! I see myself as thin. I want this SOOOOOOOO badly. I will not take no for an answer to a body that is fighting me tooth and nail just because it's old and cranky. I was waiting for the day that exercise would be the key and this week, I believe it's the key that will make the difference. so, alas, this is the story and now I am off to bed, since it is WAY past my bed time and I have to show up and teach tomorrow!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the night - tonight

totally obscure non-meaningful title of nothingness. for real. don't read into it. LOL

I had opportunity to go and see paul young speak tonight. I blogged about "the shack" back in august or july [click here for a refresh!] and have subsequently lent my copies of the book out to many people. I tell ya. I am not often impressed by speakers. lately, I've been impressed by a couple. first, I think I told you that I got to meet romeo dallaire of "shake hands with the devil fame" and then I got to meet [and have my picture taken with!] erwin mcmanus. tonight, I got to be blown away by paul young. and as I stand here telling you about it, I don't have much to say - there is a lot swirling around in my head right now. but, I am impressed. I witnessed an example of humility and compassion that was not wrapped up in either perfection or insincerity, but in love and relationship with others and his creator. there are a lot of people I look up to in a lot of ways - most of them because...well, for some good reasons, but not significant reasons. tonight, I am left with a sense of undoing. the push that I must do something uncomfortable in order to find true healing. although this is unsettling, to say the least and although I am intentionally being vague in this public forum, I must have some moments to think. to think and pray for direction. perhaps this is another excuse. perhaps I just lack in some courage. but it is time for my life, this old, run-down shack to get a make-over. from the inside out.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

now THAT's more like it!

yes indeed. it's that time of week. my goal this week was to re-lose the gain, plus some. or, to make it past -15. I did both. down 2.6 for a total of -15.4. the next mental hurdle is -20...in 5 weeks. totally do-able. however, this next goal takes me to the big mental issue I always have with getting under the 200 mark. this is a really big deal to me. but, I did it once and I am determined to do it again - possibly this week.

what I've noticed:
1. my fave belt is on the last buckle.
2. my fave jeans can get pulled over my hips when I don't have said belt on.
3. people are noticing.
4. I can recover from a bad week and not lose all hope and motivation.
5. the more I do this, the better I feel.
6. I totally need the support I get from all my peeps. THANKS!!! you all are the best group of friends a girl could have!!!

and, in all that, I have great plans to craft tonight...perhaps some new pics to come.