Saturday, June 30, 2012


okay.  here's the link.  and the plan.

I've needed a plan.  a for-real plan.  let's be honest, I've been floundering for a while.

twelve weeks.  june 30 - september 22.  does that sound about right??  or am I counting wrong?  ahhhhh!  caught up in semantics!! what matters is that this challenge hones in on three areas: physical, mental and spiritual.  and yes, I need all three.

so, here are my goals:
physically, I need to lose weight.  I am going for 20 lbs in 12 weeks.  that is just under 2lbs per week.  and, I have a plan to make that happen.  I am going to spend the next 12 weeks focusing on the quality of my food.  gluten-free is working well for me, but I've gotten lazy with the quality of what I eat - not enough fresh fruits and vegetables.  too much added sugar.  I'm going to go back to my clean eating book and re-read that next week.  and I am going to follow it.  also, I am committing to 4 days of exercise per week.  I'm going to just put on my runners and go for some interval walks.

there is one week out of the twelve that I am away.  during that week I am not going to worry about what I eat, but how much I eat.  I have portion issues.  it'll be a good chance to work on portion sizes when I can't completely control the quality of food in the same way I would if I was at home.

mentally, I am going to learn a couple of new instruments this summer.  my ukulele showed up this week {YEAH!!}.  and I have a guitar that wants to be played.  Ty and I are going to learn together.  I'm excited about this.  we're going to learn how to string our guitars, tune them and play them.  he's going to kick my ass.  I know this to be true on SOOOO many levels!!

spiritually, {holy tough one, batman} I have no idea.  okay, I have a bit of an idea, but I don't want to air my sh**.  I chose the word surrender for my 2012 one word.  and I've basically spent the last six months totally ignoring it.  leaving it high on the shelf.  it's time to start dealing with it.  with me.  it's time.  and I've been feeling that this summer needs to be spent restoring relationships - with friends that I don't see enough, with my kids who don't get the best of me in may and june, with my husband.  just spending time.  enjoying.  loving.

and on that note, I've decided to create a separate blog for my weight loss journey.  bring it back.

Monday, June 25, 2012

gold on the ceiling v.2

my sweet baby is 7.  a week ago we celebrated his birthday and he's been celebrating ever since!!  crazy kid.  I always have a bit of a "shutter" on his birthday because I had an awful birthing experience; we've always said that it's a good thing he came out cute.

he is a handful though.  he's hard to parent and difficult to keep my temper around.  but boy does he make me laugh.  his sweet innocence and his passionate spirit are amazing; I hope he never loses those.

he's fierce.  he calls it like he sees it.  he cares about justice and stands up for his friends {and sometimes his brother!}.  he'll fight for what he feels is right.  and when I told him last night that he was only thinking about himself and not about the people around him, he burst into tears and just couldn't understand how I would say such lies {he was jumping on the bed and I had to re-fold the laundry!!}.  for all his exterior toughness, he has a soft heart and I pray that it stays that way.  he doesn't believe everything he's told.  he's good at every sport he tries.  {yeah.  he didn't get that from me!!  he skated the first time he was on the ice and he hit a baseball the first time it was pitched at him}.  he has his father's loyalty and apparently my temper!  he wants to teach himself how to play guitar {we're going to learn together}, because he taught himself how to play the recorder.  he knows lyrics to every song he hears on the radio and the black keys are his current favourite.  he love snorkelling in the bath tub.  he takes planet books out at the library every week.  he reads above grade level and his writing is super interesting.  we like to go skateboarding together.  and we like super heros.  and harry potter.  and after he watches a movie, he makes his brother dress up and play.  he creates his costumes and doesn't care what anyone thinks.  he's a ninja.  a rockstar.  captain america.  harry potter.  iron man.  ty.  t-y.  tyrone.  sweet t.  big t.  mr. t.  my-ty.  and just plain t.

he's capable.  and I love seeing him realize this.

you're mama may be a week late, but happy birthday my little one.  and remember that 7 year old boys still give their moms hugs and kisses.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

some nights.

it seems like there's been a lot of counting down lately.  it's keeping our house in focus!  2 more sleeps until ty's 7th birthday {he's SUPER excited!}.  and 2 more days until my report cards are due.  8 more days of kids at school.  10 more days of work.  21 days until the big par-tay.  22 days until I leave for vegas with the girls.  23 days until I'm 40 {I think I've done the math on that correctly!}.

john & I just looked at the calendar and the summer is filling quickly.  two weeks of swim lessons.  a week of soccer camp.  folk fest.  and like that it's going to be over.  so here's my plan:  get through the next two weeks.  and enjoy being home with the boys for the 8 weeks following.  enjoy my week away.  sleep in.  play outside.  and just enjoy being in this great town in the summer.  because maybe being 40 will be less about doing and more about being.  my 30's have been busy!  but I'll save that retrospect for a couple of weeks still.

and today, I'm going to head to school, get those dang report cards done so I can sit and enjoy the rest of my day...


Sunday, June 10, 2012

the clock was tickin'

less than a month.  this time next month?  regardless, the big 4-0 is looming.  and honestly, I'm feeling a bit discouraged.  I had big goals.  and for some reason, I always feel compelled to match them to this magic number.  this 40 thing.  so I'm not going to have physical and emotional health in hand.  maybe my goals were a tad lofty, considering the amount of work I would need to do in order to achieve them.  ha!  yeah.  I would need to quit my job.

that said, with only 4 weeks before my birthday, I am going to focus on dropping 10 lbs.  I want to go to vegas and feel half way decent in my bathing suit.  because I plan to spend a week at the pool with my book.

and between now and then?  I have a crap load of work to get done.  I spent four hours packing boxes in my classroom yesterday and that's just the beginning.  the procrastinator in me just loves these deadlines!  however, my papers and assignments all got turned in at the beginning of this week {only 1 day late!} so that's one thing off my plate...

and since report cards don't write themselves, I'd better get the party started!!

miss you all...okay, just miss writing for y'all.  you know what I mean though, right??  just tell me that I don't look a day over 39!!!