Sunday, May 20, 2012


it's been a busy weekend.  john worked on friday and saturday, so with no school for us on friday, it was two days of "stuck at home with mommy".  

that said, we went for lunch, went to the movies, dressed up as super heros {them, not me!}, bought glitter pop ups {twice, after we lost the first set} and wished that we could buy super hero gear at toys r us.  we ended up getting iron man chest attach-on thingies that light up and make noises {at $5 each!} and a gun set at the dollar store {so one of them could be black widow}.  ty also spent his savings on thor.  and I bought captain america for us.  it's been a "super" weekend!!

 {lunch at tim hortons}

 {waiting for avengers to start}

 {super hero dress up}

 {a glitter pop up on my nose}

{birthday wish list items...}

I could do a 4 day weekend.  every weekend.  sigh.

Friday, May 18, 2012


so, do you watch criminal minds?  WHY NOT???  lol

okay the reason I bring it up is because this season has been good.  and the music they've been using has been really, really good.  there isn't even anything up on youtube [okay, other than SUPER cheezy videos] on the last song they used.  lily kershaw.  "as it seems".  darn good.

and in other news, john got his eyes lasered last weekend.  and it went well.  he can see!!!  now, he's hunkering down, studying for the exam in june.  if you are the praying type, keep us in your prayers.

tomorrow, I'm going to sit down and do a "for real" blog post.  I have a 4 day weekend and tomorrow is day two!  yippie!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

show me the place

this week has been a gong show.  and I'm not dealing very well, at all.  I'm not sleeping very well and I'm keeping it all up in my neck and back.  I'm sore and I'm tired.  and between all the crazy, I'm definitely keeping to the plan as well as I could...I need to drink more water!!

that said, john is scheduled for eye surgery tomorrow.  hopefully in the next month he'll have been accepted into the police department for training.  I want this sooooo badly for him!  and, I had my own job drama this week.  I interviewed for a new position this week {the job I've been in training for, in the same school I already work in} and I found out today that I got the job.  lots of change in this's exciting, scary, crazy and hopefully tonight I'll sleep!!

I'll blog more soon.  I promise.

Sunday, May 06, 2012


57 days.  it's everything and nothing all at the same time.  although I'm okay with turning 40 {I really am}, I'm really into kicking decades off with a bang.  so 56 days until the big party!  and in those 56 days, many things need to happen.  starts with a job interview {tuesday} and ends with packing for the big school move.  oh, and 16+ soccer games, two papers, report cards, ipps, and john hopefully passing his second exam!

yeah.  super crazy!!  just the way I like it, apparently.

that said, you know all those goals I set last week?  well they've morphed a bit.  and have held me accountable all week.  the water thing has been definitely better than it has been in a long time.  hydration is a good thing {shocking, eh?}.  that and I discovered that I can't do gluten-free AND sugar-free at the same time.  but I can do gluten-free and I can avoid most fake sugar.  and it feels good.  really good.  plus, I was down 4lbs this morning and that feels good too.  I know that -4 won't happen every week, but it feels good to be on track.  again.

this week, between class, soccer games, john on nights, eye surgery and a job interview, I am going to put the shoes on and do at least one walk.  small goals.  goals I can be successful with.

okay.  off to bathe the boys.