Sunday, May 20, 2012


it's been a busy weekend.  john worked on friday and saturday, so with no school for us on friday, it was two days of "stuck at home with mommy".  

that said, we went for lunch, went to the movies, dressed up as super heros {them, not me!}, bought glitter pop ups {twice, after we lost the first set} and wished that we could buy super hero gear at toys r us.  we ended up getting iron man chest attach-on thingies that light up and make noises {at $5 each!} and a gun set at the dollar store {so one of them could be black widow}.  ty also spent his savings on thor.  and I bought captain america for us.  it's been a "super" weekend!!

 {lunch at tim hortons}

 {waiting for avengers to start}

 {super hero dress up}

 {a glitter pop up on my nose}

{birthday wish list items...}

I could do a 4 day weekend.  every weekend.  sigh.

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