Sunday, May 06, 2012


57 days.  it's everything and nothing all at the same time.  although I'm okay with turning 40 {I really am}, I'm really into kicking decades off with a bang.  so 56 days until the big party!  and in those 56 days, many things need to happen.  starts with a job interview {tuesday} and ends with packing for the big school move.  oh, and 16+ soccer games, two papers, report cards, ipps, and john hopefully passing his second exam!

yeah.  super crazy!!  just the way I like it, apparently.

that said, you know all those goals I set last week?  well they've morphed a bit.  and have held me accountable all week.  the water thing has been definitely better than it has been in a long time.  hydration is a good thing {shocking, eh?}.  that and I discovered that I can't do gluten-free AND sugar-free at the same time.  but I can do gluten-free and I can avoid most fake sugar.  and it feels good.  really good.  plus, I was down 4lbs this morning and that feels good too.  I know that -4 won't happen every week, but it feels good to be on track.  again.

this week, between class, soccer games, john on nights, eye surgery and a job interview, I am going to put the shoes on and do at least one walk.  small goals.  goals I can be successful with.

okay.  off to bathe the boys.

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