Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's been a hard day's night

sorry I've been a bad blogger.  all three of you have noticed, I'm sure.  I think I am going to "list" this post, since there are random things to share.

1.  today is the 20th anniversary of when my cousin Liz was killed in a car accident.  tonight, we met some family at her grave site and put fresh flowers there.  she was 17 when she was killed, I was 16.  we don't talk much about her when we have family get togethers, and I think that has been the thing we do - not talking about things that matter.  I am not sure how to change this when many people in my family are virtual strangers, so I'm going to have to think of something.  not something for them, but something for me to do to change how I feel.

2.  there are 4 more mondays left in this school year.  oh golly gee.  EEEKKKKKK!!!

3.  ty is completely potty trained.  now, how do I get him off the potty and on to the toilet?  he is NOT going to make friends in school if the only thing that fits in his backpack is the big ol' portable toilet.  UNCOOL.

4.  I like our neighbours.  this past weekend a bunch of the kids were in the ally, and playing in our backyard.  kinda like when I was a kid.  I like that.  I feel that in many neighbourhoods, we have lost the whole "front porch" mentality - knowing the people you live near and spending time getting to know them.  well, in parkview we do it the back ally way!  put signs up in the back way so that cars don't kill the kids and gather to tell our stories over our short, and in many cases, chain-linked fences.

5.  I was up .6 at WW on sat.  pms sucks.  that and crap food on the friday before weigh in.  today was also a crap food day, but I tracked all of it.  okay, almost all.  does anyone know that point value for a chicken mcgrill wrappy thingy?????

6.  Nate is kicking butt at soccer.  perhaps I am biased, but my kid has some skills. 

7.  this has been one of my best teaching years.  I love the kids in my home room.  I feel that I have been able to build relationships with them and laugh with them and just generally enjoy their teenager-ness.  I like that.

8.  there is no number 8 - nevermind.  there is.  I upgraded my computer.  now I am back to square one and can't figure out my email.  good thing I have my phone [it gets mail] and an appointment with a mac geek at the apple store on sunday.

9.  for real this time.  there is no 9.  'CAUSE 7 ate 9!!!  LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

-17 and counting...

so, it was a good week, on the ww front! -1.2 down today for a total of -17.4. not too shabby, considering the last few weeks have been CHAOS [especially on the whole school front!]. kids have been weird both at home and at school. the weather has been awful and I feel like I've been stuck in "going nowhere fast" mode. oh well, today was the encouragement I needed to get my arse in gear - in the movement department! maybe I am on the verge of being over the top of the hill, and trust me, coming down is always easier.

and in other news:
1. boys got new [to them] bikes today
2. john and I saw x-men: origins last night [me likey!!]
3. ty potty trained himself this week
4. I've done far too much laundry this week
5. I was reminded this week that too much coffee too late at night leads to sleepless nights

have a good weekend, folks!

Monday, May 11, 2009

the blues

I have the post-marathon blues. prior to the marathon I had a pretty set purpose for getting outside everyday. now, I am feeling less motivated. I didn't move on the scale this week and that has me even less motivated. I need a shot in the arse. the "motivation" shot.

and then I think back to the race. it's a bit like my weight loss journey, in a super metaphorical way! the first third of the race is pure adrenalin and excitement. surrounded by 7 000 or so racers all there for the same purpose. it is really exciting. this is the part of the race that goes through east vancouver [just in case you were wondering!] down east cordova. then you take some twists and turns and you enter the park. just then the cops come through on their bikes, leading the way for the top marathon runner to come through. it's like hearing other people's stories - totally encouraging. and then the hill comes. and trust me, it's hard and steep [800 m high] and totally brutal. I feel like this part of my journey is the hill. totally brutal to stay on track, totally needing the loud music and the cheers. in the park, however, there is no one. you are alone. and although I know I'm not alone, I feel that way. I know what my goal is and I know the route to get there, I just need to keep walking. keep going. keep persevering. I can make it to the end. I just need some cheers. [and I am off to bed - it's WAY too late!!]

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009


so we did it. and we did it in our best time ever - 3 hours and 19 minutes. I am so thrilled that we did so well. climbing the hill was pretty hard...VERY HARD. coming down was a tad easier [always is] and the last 4k were - well they pretty much pushed me as hard as I'd ever been pushed. Rae & Mom were ahead of me and I wanted to keep up. it felt like they kept speeding up, so I just kept the pace. I had some pretty good music playing and it was all good! I have to say, it was all worth it. all the training. all the stuff that it is. next year, I really want to do it again, only minus nate on my back [or the 45 lbs that is nate!!!].

I'll post a picture or two in the next few days - for now, I'm off to bed!