Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's been a hard day's night

sorry I've been a bad blogger.  all three of you have noticed, I'm sure.  I think I am going to "list" this post, since there are random things to share.

1.  today is the 20th anniversary of when my cousin Liz was killed in a car accident.  tonight, we met some family at her grave site and put fresh flowers there.  she was 17 when she was killed, I was 16.  we don't talk much about her when we have family get togethers, and I think that has been the thing we do - not talking about things that matter.  I am not sure how to change this when many people in my family are virtual strangers, so I'm going to have to think of something.  not something for them, but something for me to do to change how I feel.

2.  there are 4 more mondays left in this school year.  oh golly gee.  EEEKKKKKK!!!

3.  ty is completely potty trained.  now, how do I get him off the potty and on to the toilet?  he is NOT going to make friends in school if the only thing that fits in his backpack is the big ol' portable toilet.  UNCOOL.

4.  I like our neighbours.  this past weekend a bunch of the kids were in the ally, and playing in our backyard.  kinda like when I was a kid.  I like that.  I feel that in many neighbourhoods, we have lost the whole "front porch" mentality - knowing the people you live near and spending time getting to know them.  well, in parkview we do it the back ally way!  put signs up in the back way so that cars don't kill the kids and gather to tell our stories over our short, and in many cases, chain-linked fences.

5.  I was up .6 at WW on sat.  pms sucks.  that and crap food on the friday before weigh in.  today was also a crap food day, but I tracked all of it.  okay, almost all.  does anyone know that point value for a chicken mcgrill wrappy thingy?????

6.  Nate is kicking butt at soccer.  perhaps I am biased, but my kid has some skills. 

7.  this has been one of my best teaching years.  I love the kids in my home room.  I feel that I have been able to build relationships with them and laugh with them and just generally enjoy their teenager-ness.  I like that.

8.  there is no number 8 - nevermind.  there is.  I upgraded my computer.  now I am back to square one and can't figure out my email.  good thing I have my phone [it gets mail] and an appointment with a mac geek at the apple store on sunday.

9.  for real this time.  there is no 9.  'CAUSE 7 ate 9!!!  LOL

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susan said...

Finally a post...I check often.

It is interesting, I've known you for how long & don't recall ever hearing about your cousin...which is fine, we don't have to know EVERYTHING about each other - 20 years ago...wow.

Bummer about the weigh in but I know you'll do great at your next one - keep up posted.

And seriously...lets do coffee Cor it's long overdue!