Thursday, January 31, 2008

thankful thursday

it is thursday. I am thankful. this is all good.

although it's been CRAZY COLD, I am thankful that we made it through the -40ish pieces in one shape. monday was nuts with one car not working, but's all good. I got tons done at school, since there's yet to be a day with full classes, that too was a big blessing. I feel like I am finally on my game, and not behind it. so, cold weather...can be a happy thing.

and the weight thing. walking this week has sucked [yeah, not doing it in THIS weather!], but the eating hasn't been too bad. well, other than the HUNK of chocolate cake I just ate. I lost 1 pound this week, so I am at a -4. this is good. this is really good. I have some pics to post...those will come tomorrow, since I'm SOOOOOO tired!

Monday, January 28, 2008

-46 degrees

is officially cold. it's never been that cold here, in my lifetime. that's -50 degrees F. wow. and when it's THIS cold, it's all we talk about. I only had 3 kids in my class show up today, john's car refused to start, I unintentionally parked my car in 2 feet of powder, I needed 4 jr high students & 2 teachers to get me out of the snow drift, it took me close to an hour to get!

I have a make & take tomorrow night - and tomorrow is suppose to be colder than today. extra fun!

but for tonight, the cars are plugged in, and my plan B is in place. and I am EXHAUSTED!

so, on this super cold january night, I have but 2 words for you: keep warm!

Friday, January 25, 2008

some times a stiff drink

makes things a bit better. especially when the drink is a lovely chocolate martini. sometimes I feel like I take on the weight of the world. in doing that, I lose myself. in losing myself, I am no good to anyone. things have been better since wednesday, especially with my eating. things aren't perfect, but the time to give up is NOT when things get rough. I just can't deal with failure. I just don't want to fail yet again. not an option this time. and in light of all things good and special, my issues are small. I have a saviour. a God who cares even about my measly little things. a creator who sees past all my issues. a strength and a joy that comes from a place that is bigger than me. and although it's not "thankful thursday" [hehehe!!], today I am just thankful that I am who I am. it's all good [I said good, not perfect...that's still a ways away!].

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a crazy couple of days

something is up with me. my head doesn't feel right. my body is out of sinc. I am so crazy tired. ALL OF THE FLIPPIN' TIME! and I am NOT pregnant. so don't even go there. I actually had john hide EVERY stinkin' piece of chocolate while I was out tonight. mainly, because with the way I'm feeling, I could sit in the closet and eat every last piece.

grrr. if you can figure out my issues, let me know!

well, I figure I am going to beat down this nastiness. I went to exercise class twice this week...mainly because I weighed myself on tuesday and NOTHING [oh, and my lovely husband nearly kicked me out of the house when he heard that I was wanting to skip class]. I am SO discouraged. then, at my class some random lady asked me if I had lost weight. I could have kissed her! so, I worked harder than I ever have worked before and my ass hurts more than anything. I am going get this nasty food addiction under control and I am going to beat my sorry ass into shape because I DESERVE IT. however, I cannot do it alone. I am so tired of battling this bad-mind-self-talk-crazy-crap. can I go upstairs and crawl into my bed and start fresh tomorrow?? NO...because we are watching FNL again!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

all things good

we added a new puppy to our house...sam. he is SOOOOOOO cute & nate is totally smitten! he is steph's dog, but we are quite happy to have him around! also, tonight is ty's first night in a bed. the crib is gone...hope it all goes well! I am thinking that my bed is feeling like it is calling's been a LONG day!

oh, and if you want to be in ribbon club...let me know. $13 will get you this sweet baby!! [1 yard of each of the taffeta ribbons and 1 yard of each of the stripped grosgrain ribbons...and the cool jar!] let me know if you want one and if you live in town, shipping does not exist!! LOL

have a great evening everyone!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

some 3x3s

forgot about this

a list of retired sets I still have available...I think the link is on the right, but I will put it here anyways!

retired sets

hope everyone is having a good weekend - because I have spent all day cleaning my house and watching FNL! I wonder if I can eek out a card tonight...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wild about you!

just some cards to show...[and really, everything else made for a good day, although I am ready to drop from exhaustion!!] I LOVE the new SU! felt flowers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


okay, so I shouldn't be so scared all the time. today I was +/-0. gained nothing, lost nothing. considering the crap I ate last week, this is ALL good.

today has been better. life is good. oh, and new cards to post - LOVE the new SU! felt flowers!!! will post again later!

Monday, January 14, 2008

simple card

a simple birthday card [made it for my dad for his birthday in a mere 10 minutes]. tomorrow is weigh in day and I am totally stressed about it, since this week has been AWFUL. has it been pre-christmas awful? no, but still awful. I totally did not stick to my program. I did walk this weekend though - 3k on saturday and almost 5k on sunday. I'll report back tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


it's been a busy couple of days. not too sure what I've been up to, but it just feels like it was wednesday, and now it's saturday! I have had a few rotten eating days. damn toblerone. actually, it was far too early in the journey to be handed a toblerone by one of my students on the first day of school, and have the ginormous chocolate bar see the end of the week. grrr. that and a few outings [meals not at my house] are a recipe for disaster!

alas, all is not lost. I found my old school paper weight on my desk this morning and it says "never never never quit" [winston churchill]. so, on this lovely saturday morning, I will say the same thing. I will not quit. I will not be beat. I will choose to forge my path. I will hold on. persevere.

and although, it is not thursday, I will do my thankful thursday, since I forgot [how sad, second week in!!]. today I am thankful for 2 year old cuddles. fingers in his mouth, curled up in a ball, snuggling in like he always has. tender moments with ty make parenting the not so tender moments a bit easier.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

not too shabby!

down 3 pounds this week. hard work DOES pay off. now I just gotta just stick with it. speaking of which, I should go and make my lunch for tomorrow!! not too sure who said it, but I agree wholeheartedly: "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail". off to go plan!
happy, happy!

Monday, January 07, 2008

tried a new thing

yeah, still not in bed.

wanna see a funny video of my kids?? click here!

tomorrow's the big day

tomorrow is the start of week 2...and weigh-in day. I am terribly nervous, although I have been doing some non-official weigh-ins. it's actually 9pm already, and my body aches from my workout maybe I will just go read in bed. I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

new, fun things

I played with some new things tonight [non-SU!], after prepping for my open house [tomorrow!!]...some great paper called "ba, ba, black sheep collection" by piggy tales, some bellas , my new spica glitter markers from amuse, and primas that I got from erika [like FOREVER ago!]. oh, and some thickers [because they always look uber cool on kristina's blog!]

had some bella issues - like getting them inked, but I was happy overall!

national pride and the WJ's

there is nothing that instills canadian pride and brings a bit of a tear to my eye, as when the boys win gold. world junior cup of hockey is some amazing hockey, and the gold metal game is never one that is missed in our house! canada just beat sweden in overtime. SWEET! I have to say though, I am rather sad for the swedish goalie - who after letting in the winning goal just laid on the ice with such regret. I guess the canadian jersey comes out of the closet for school on monday. I do love being canadian, on so many levels. and today, I am proud to have the red & white represent on the national stage. and in a couple of wee moments, they'll play the anthem. love, love, love!

Friday, January 04, 2008


my new SU! website is UP & RUNNING!!
click here and bookmark!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

OH S**T!

I totally forgot about my whole THANKFUL THURSDAY plan!

well, today I am thankful for a great 4 year old who totally tries my patience, is a totally wuss when he fights with his brother, gets the itchies on his back & needs magic cream, likes to have a cuddle-cuddle before bed, needs to give hugs and kisses in double and likes to fall asleep on the couch!

oh, and some pics!

christmas & some cards [with some new catty stuff...hehehe!!]


I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE!!! I feel like I've been hungry all day, although I shouldn't really be hungry at all. not enough water, too many veggies. LOL it's really a no win situation! carrots will never taste like chocolate. nor will broccoli or tomatoes. grrr. brian wansink calles this "the Tyranny of the Moment". you can make all the plans you want, but until new habits are formed, plans can easily be tossed aside by emotions. the whole "oh, I'm out for coffee, I can just have one treat" or "I can walk twice the distance tomorrow" hits when life gets busy and emotional. although today hasn't been so emotional, I am currently fighting the urge to fight my tiredness with food.

there are some habits that can begin to change, being replaced with better habits - things that will easily knock a couple of hundred calories off my plate [pun intended!!]:
#1: the half plate rule - half of my plate will be veggies or a salad, the other half will be the rest of the meal. or with how I cook, the top half will be veggies!
#2: 20% more & less - 20% more veggies [hence the wish that veggies tasted like chocolate] and 20% less of everything else.
#3: pre-portion serving sizes - take things out of the packages and put them in baggies, or put a serving on a plate, then put the rest away.
[all of these ideas are courtesy of brian wansink's mindless eating]

I think I will go to bed early [like after er, 'cause it's a gooder!!] and try to reboot the system for tomorrow...the more I think of it, hunger & a belly full of fiber feel vaguely similar!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

day 1

sucked BIG TIME! okay, not totally. slept in, had a good breakfast, FORGOT to eat lunch [what is up with that???], was a bit TOO hungry when we got to my mom & dad's and ate a few treats. and then I had a bowl of soup and a lovely bun. okay, so I ate a few things more than I had planned, but I guess I should cut myself some slack - I ate WAY less than I usually do!

THEN, I came home and ate a whole twix bar because I was having a stress moment. and because it was there. grrr. I did count it, which means the rest of the week I will have to be uber good with my points! but, on a totally good note, I have had a TON of water today. and since that really was my goal for today, then GOOD FOR ME!

and my quote for the day is this: do not "try" or "hope" for results. either do it or don't.