Friday, January 25, 2008

some times a stiff drink

makes things a bit better. especially when the drink is a lovely chocolate martini. sometimes I feel like I take on the weight of the world. in doing that, I lose myself. in losing myself, I am no good to anyone. things have been better since wednesday, especially with my eating. things aren't perfect, but the time to give up is NOT when things get rough. I just can't deal with failure. I just don't want to fail yet again. not an option this time. and in light of all things good and special, my issues are small. I have a saviour. a God who cares even about my measly little things. a creator who sees past all my issues. a strength and a joy that comes from a place that is bigger than me. and although it's not "thankful thursday" [hehehe!!], today I am just thankful that I am who I am. it's all good [I said good, not perfect...that's still a ways away!].

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