Monday, July 31, 2006

about yesterday...

okay, so the day started all peaceful and mild and enjoyable...and ended there! nate has not been getting enough sleep as of late, and it is showing BIG TIME. we went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and by the time we got home he was just exhausted. then this morning, I think he would have slept a couple of hours longer, but ty woke him up at 6am. ty just wanted a bottle, but then nate was really awake. grrr. at least ty naps in the afternoon - I wish nate still did!

we did go to the gym this morning, so the boys got to play in the daycare & burn off some energy. I walked 5k on the treadmill - hills! yippie!! the workout is done for the day. our half marathon is in just under 2 weeks and I am starting to get a bit worried about that. and, I need to start packing. john's mom is taking the boys a couple of afternoons this week - wed & packing will be in order [after my dentist appointments!!]. and so the fun begins!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

a sunday morning...

boys are up, the incredibles are saving the world, ty is eating, nate is playing. I like sunday mornings like this! we are leaving I'll finish this later!

have a happy sunday!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

some cool things...

so I found some finds yesterday for the wee ones. first, this cool bib clip-y thing: basically you can attach anything to the clips to make a bib. bad thing, ty can pull it off. grrr. that's okay, it will totally do the trick in restaurant situations! second, a toddler cup: . I haven't tried it yet, but will soon! third thing: funky looking baggies - very vain & frivolous, I know...but uber cool! and number four: cup-a-cake. a little cupcake holder that just made me happy! I can take it to the market with me on saturday and nate will have a place to hold his cupcake! & I like cool finds! gotta love that princess and the pea store !!

a thought.

Something clicked with me last night when I was sitting around & John says to me "I thought you were going to go to the gym tonight" and I hummed & hawed & sighed and he said "you'll feel better if you go". Smart man! I just needed that kick in the pants. And as I was on the treadmill, I had a revelation [or a re-revelation, since I've had this one before!]: I do a pretty good job of staying within my calories, I drink a ton of water, I eat a lot of fiber, most of my diet is low fat & low why is this such a painfully slow thing? I've been stuck in the low 190's FOR MONTHS! yes, I've been walking and training - but the key for me is the kicking into gear the whole exercise thing. I can always find an excuse, especially at 3pm or worse, 7pm. So John & I talked about affording to put the boys in the gym daycare for the month of August so that I am comitted to be at the gym every morning. He said to go for it. So, I'm going for it! It reminds me of the quote "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail". I feel like now I have a plan.

Monday, July 24, 2006

convention pics!

erika & I at the pep rally...they had this whole collegiate theme, and played some fun games. the only thing missing was an open bar...maybe I'll suggest that for next year!!

erika & I outside the riverton headquarters - in front of the crazy cool UPS truck!

this is a picture from inside the legacy museum...I ADORE this clock & this whole set up...there is also a picture of it in the IB&C [with the infamous ribbon holders, available in the upcoming mini!!]

ever wonder where that crazy paper comes from when you recieve a SU! order? that machine crinkles it all up, weighs the box & measures out the right amount of paper...I thought it was cool!

now I just need some pictures from erika because she took WAY more than I did!!

back on track!

just like the title says, today I am back on track with my eating! YEEHAW! now I just need to get off this computer & get some stamping done!

convention was a BLAST! it was SO great to spend all that time with erika, just hanging out, laughing, eating, was so much fun! and as much fun as vacation is, it is always good to come home. I'll post some of my fave convention pics in my next post!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

my baby is three!

so we celebrated nate's third birthday today. so strange realizing that I am the mom of a three year old...who is presently crying under the door of his room because he is so overtired. grrr. we had a wonderful party this morning though...very hot at the park, but I think all the kids had a fun time.

and now for some pics!!

nate on his new bike...from grandma & opa!! [above]

nathan & nate eating cake! [below]

Saturday, July 15, 2006

less than 2 hrs

nate was up at 630 this morning...grrr. good thing I left to walk with rae...8k this morning. now, I've had breakfast, my coffee cup is almost empty & I need a shower - BIG TIME!! then it is off to the airport for my big adventure!! YEEHAW! k, so I am a TAD excited! so off goes the phone, off goes the email, off goes EVERYTHING...and it's time to enjoy some me time. I'll blog if I get a chance, but I will FOR SURE post pics when I get back!

be good, kids...and call John if you are in DIRE need of all the stamps you may have ordered! [they should be here monday or tuesday!!]

Friday, July 14, 2006

in 24 hours...

I will be basking in the heat of Salt Lake City! WOW! I can't believe that I am leaving tomorrow already. time flies much too fast...but I hope this next week goes nice and slowly! it won't, but it's worth wishin' over.

I am exhausted today [whole other story] and I am thinking of heading to bed before I peeter out all together. I am walking with Rae tomorrow morning [good thing since I haven't hit the pavement since Tuesday], and then it's off to the airport! okay, off to bed for REAL!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

oh, I meant to post a picture...

this picture is of sam, seth & ty...taken on whyte ave last week. SO CUTE!

and I like this one of nate peering in the window! so typical of his curiosity!

2 more sleeps!

okay, so the last few days have been busy. pedi, hair, eye appointment [which ended up coming with new glasses when all was said and done], breakfast with cor, coffee with suz...just busy! and I have to say, my kids are driving me a bit crazy. ty is teething and nate is just being 3 [so within 2 weeks, totally acting his age!!!]. although I have packed, I am having shoe issues. I have not walked since tuesday. grrr. and today, I ate like crap. and this is all disjointed because I am tired.

so, tomorrow - back on track with the eating. follow the schedule/to-do list. have lunch with andrea. spend time with the boys. drink lots of water. go for a walk. I just need to slow down a bit & enjoy the journey...although the destination is going to be SO FRIGGIN' COOL!!! [k, so I am just a BIT excited about SLC!]

Monday, July 10, 2006

about being 34...

I meant to spend some time doing my birthday reflections & goal setting...yeah, like that happened yesterday! LOL it was a good birthday - not a lot of fanfare, but some time with family & lots of well wishes from friends. I think I always send my family [mom, aunt, oma??] into a bit of a tizzy when I have a birthday, since I was the FIRST in the family & therefore a reminder of how old everyone is getting! I now get it. as I see nate get older [his birthday being in less than 2 weeks], I am reminded of how fast time flies. days can be long, weeks and years even longer. but looking back, how time just flies. maybe my goal for this year is one I have tried to achieve for many years. slow down. take time to enjoy every moment. life can get so extremely busy that it is easy to forget to live la dolce vita - the sweet life. maybe this is why I loved italy so much...taking time to have a coffee with friends, living life passionately, loving fully. we'll make that the mantra of my 34th year.

and goal no. 2...I have no plans of being unfit & unhealthy by my 35th birthday. that's a whole year to lose 40 or so pounds. yes, I have started on this path already & 25 is nothing to scoff at, but I need to remember that there is a goal in sight & not to lose heart even if I am having some clothing issues.

well, all that & it's monday now. how many more days until I leave??? not that many. I'll "blog" about that a bit later!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am...

officially 34 years old. how is it that I have NO feelings about this at all? I will continue this post later...john's mom just pulled up!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

oh, and another thing...

6 more sleeps until SLC
13k walked this morning with rae
more than 3L of water consumed
be turning 34 tomorrow
ty is running
and new fave picture of my nate...

I stole this...and I might just love it!

I am: proud of me
I want: to not have food control every thing in my life
I have: an amazing husband & amazing kids
I wish: I didn't have to work
I hate: hot weather & cold weather
I miss: my friend coralee
I hear: the traffic outside & john watching tv
I wonder: if I am going to be able to do the 21k that I signed up for
I regret: not taking care of me earlier on in my life
I am not: going to EVER give up
I dance: with john when he is in a quirky mood
I sing: when I'm happy or when the boys need some entertainment
I cry: when I'm so insainly pissed off or completely overwhelmed
I am not always: patient with my kids
I make with my hands: all sorts of interesting creations, music, cyber places
I write: my thoughts, wishes, hopes
I confuse: needs & wants
I need: to praise more often
I should: go read a book
I start: the coffee pot with the help of little fingers, creating with no goal, teaching with no real plan
I finish: some of the things I start

I "stole" this from Lisa Johnson

Thursday, July 06, 2006


k, I am wiped. part 2 of my open house is over...a good turn out again. I cannot complain. some exceptional eating days the last 3 days. good water, good food, good calories. little to no sugar [some birthday cake tonight, but I had saved up calories for that...ton'o'sugar, but not overboard]. 8 days until I leave for SLC...I AM SO EXCITED!!! gotta get a ton of stamping done tomorrow. it's ALL good.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I think I might just sweat to death...

it is FRIGGIN' hot. okay, so I can do 1 day of hot, maybe 2, but this is going on over a week - maybe 2. maybe the heat is making delusional! it got up to 33 degrees [okay, 90 something for all my american friends!!] and at 9:20 this evening, it has gone down a WHOLE 3 degrees!

alas, if the heat is all I have to complain about, I have it good. today has been a good day, other than not strapping on the sneakers to hit the pavement. john's hours at work have changed, so he was home at 3:30 today - tomorrow I am going to take advantage of that and head to the air conditioned gym to have a work out. do some serious cardio. and some hills. I have a bunch of stampin' to do this week too - nate's birthday invites, RAKs, birthday cards, other stuffs! I have been LAZY with a capital L [okay, so other capitals as well!]. the lazy stops now! I think I will get up before the boys tomorrow morning while the air is still cool, and try to get some stuff done! thursday night is part 2 of my new catty get together - I hope it's as successful [and by successful I mean A WHOLE LOT OF GOOD TIMES!!] as monday afternoon was!

oh, and 3L of water in my body! WOOHOO!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I've been waylaid...

by my crazy life! school is officially over...and now my body & my brain are playing catch-up. I had an awful walk on saturday morning with mom & rae. I did 2k this morning with was SLOW...! this heat is zapping my energy all together.

on a more positive note, part 1 of my new catty deally went really well [other than the crazy heat]. I think everyone had a fun time & in my books, that is the number 1 goal!

tomorrow begins my no sugar week...or 2! I CAN DO IT!!! I CAN DO IT! not just that, but I need to clear my head, my body and my blood of the craziness that keeps me afloat on many days!

no sugar, lotsa water, and some coffee...sounds the making of a HUGE headache; I just need to get through the first 2 days, then 1 more and 1 get the idea! keep me accountable, eh?