Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 more sleeps!

okay, so the last few days have been busy. pedi, hair, eye appointment [which ended up coming with new glasses when all was said and done], breakfast with cor, coffee with suz...just busy! and I have to say, my kids are driving me a bit crazy. ty is teething and nate is just being 3 [so within 2 weeks, totally acting his age!!!]. although I have packed, I am having shoe issues. I have not walked since tuesday. grrr. and today, I ate like crap. and this is all disjointed because I am tired.

so, tomorrow - back on track with the eating. follow the schedule/to-do list. have lunch with andrea. spend time with the boys. drink lots of water. go for a walk. I just need to slow down a bit & enjoy the journey...although the destination is going to be SO FRIGGIN' COOL!!! [k, so I am just a BIT excited about SLC!]

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