Monday, July 31, 2006

about yesterday...

okay, so the day started all peaceful and mild and enjoyable...and ended there! nate has not been getting enough sleep as of late, and it is showing BIG TIME. we went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon and by the time we got home he was just exhausted. then this morning, I think he would have slept a couple of hours longer, but ty woke him up at 6am. ty just wanted a bottle, but then nate was really awake. grrr. at least ty naps in the afternoon - I wish nate still did!

we did go to the gym this morning, so the boys got to play in the daycare & burn off some energy. I walked 5k on the treadmill - hills! yippie!! the workout is done for the day. our half marathon is in just under 2 weeks and I am starting to get a bit worried about that. and, I need to start packing. john's mom is taking the boys a couple of afternoons this week - wed & packing will be in order [after my dentist appointments!!]. and so the fun begins!

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