Thursday, August 03, 2006

I should be packing...

but instead I am stamping & watching a TON of tv! okay, so I've been hitting the gym this past week HARD CORE...and it's having some payoff's. although I still hate exercising, I am feeling better about myself, my health, my heart, my name it. I am feeling super good about me right now. I have lost another 4lbs [finally back to my end of June weight...grrr!] but still not under 190. double grrr. I have to say, it's not from a lack of trying.

august is turning into a crazy, busy month...moving, packing, cleaning, school [getting ready for], walking, family reunion, stamping, stamping, stamping. I am a bit discouraged that I don't have any workshops booked for this month, but that's okay...not too sure when I would fit that in with everything else that needs to get done.

john & I have been making some pretty big financial decisions as of late, as well - a bit stressful to finally have to be adults, when really I still want to be the kid. we need to buy a car & we need to responsibly deal with some of the debt that we are in. pray for us as we make these decisions. as everything good in life, it takes work. I am realizing as I take this journey in losing weight that other issues in my life are bouncing to the surface...and that I need to deal with them in the same fashion as I am dealing with food. expose the problem, take responsibility for my choices, talk to God, talk to john, deal with it head on. so far, so good...but I could really use your prayers. change is hard - internal, especially. the external is just a bi-product of the internal. God is good though, and faithful and for that I am so thankful!

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