Sunday, August 13, 2006

some pics from the race

WE FINISHED!!! and I hurt SO badly, but we kept a steady pace & came in at 3 hrs, 25 minutes!! this pic is of rae & I before the race started. I think there is one lone picture on Ben's camera of us finishing the race. what an amazing experience. john & ben & all the boys were at the top of groat road cheering us on, my mom & joy were on 149 st cheering us on, and my dad, joe & karon were a block before the finish cheering us on. the other picture is of the boys coming to cheer on their moms!

there were a couple parts of the race that were really tough. I had a hard time with groat road for some reason...funny since we walk it all the time. then the big hill out of mckenney ravine. I had to seriously talk to myself about that one...gave myself the persevere speech, listened to the driving beat of the music, and let myself be cheered on by absolute strangers. and I did it! then the last 2 km. who knew 2 km could be so long and hard. I literally had to will my legs to keep going. a tough mental battle, but seeing rae in front of me [I was slowing down, she was sprinting to the finish!!] keep me going. then, crossing the line. the beep of my shoe tag, my name being announced, all the well wishers. and WE DID IT! and I would do it again...and might just do it in february.

I had a huge soak in dad's hot tub this afternoon...and tomorrow I will be working out all the kinks while I pack some more. regardless, it is 9:20 and I am so incredible heading to bed!

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susan santos said...

I am proud of you Cor! Way to go!