Saturday, August 12, 2006


that's my number for tomorrow's race...who would have thought that I'd be doing a race?? how totally bizarre is that? john & I got so much done today - the boy's room is completely packed, as is a lot of the rest of the house. it was so nice that aunty & uncle eric took the boys all day. we also went to the market this morning...boy, did I know a lot of people! the honey lady, the pasta girl, ran into joe [cousin] & the guy that we met at irene's st patty's day party, but whose name I cannot remember. john & I also went out for a nice dinner tonight. mmmm! and tomorrow is really the big day [can you tell that I am a bit amazed??]. and on that note, I should be heading to bed. I will have to fill everyone in on the rest of my week...the hit & run and all of it. but like I said...heading to bed! GOOD NIGHT!

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