Sunday, August 06, 2006

although I am really too tired to do this right now,

if I don't I will lose what is in my head. two things happened to me today. okay, let me clarify. they did not happen to me, I had the tv on! first, I was watching TLC's "the messengers" and the topic tonight was perseverance. just what I needed to hear at the end of the worst eating day I've had in a really long time. there were 2 speeches that totally had me in tears - robert rutherford [supposedly not his best speech, but the content had me tearing] & cornelious flowers, who started his speech with: "don't tell me what you can't do" and ends with "tell me what you can do - persevere". on a night where I have crapped out on my life by going back to my old habits of stuffing my face insead of going to bed. I am so exhausted, yet not in bed. grrr. I am out of sorts, but the message I can't get out of my mind is the one of "persevere. go on. you can. don't fear."

and then there was the other show I happened to catch tonight: weighted [tonight was jocelyn]. I am so tired, I can hardly get all my thoughts out, but I am feeling inspired to make good choices for tomorrow. jocelyn said something in the show tonight that resonated with me. it was something like "the only difference between the me then and the me now are the choices I make".

well, it's off to bed for me...'cause you know nate will be up super early. grrr. maybe the mom will get a bit of reprieve tonight and have good little boys who will let her sleep in!!

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