Wednesday, August 23, 2006

and this is how I really feel...

I am just feeling so utterly overwhelmed right now.
headachy from all the sugar I've had tonight.
prepped for tomorrow night.
are there other emotions?

this summer has gone by way too fast. I went with the boys today to their new dayhome. and of course, nate loves it [she has cool toys]. and ty loves everything. I so wish I only worked a 4-day week. then all in the same breath, I am SO ready to go back to school. I know I should cut myself some slack over my parenting skills. I am not perfect. nor will I ever be. nate has been driving me nuts - I know it is a combination of me being tired, pms-ish, on a mission, and him being 3. I just want to enjoy my last few days home with them, not be annoyed and frustrated and crazed by my wonderful, moody, loving 3 yr old. and then there is ty, whose new thing is giving kisses. I love those boys. and so thankful for them. and I always want my face to light up when they enter a room. enough about that - I am making myself cry.

I am watching the messengers on tlc right now and this quote just caught me...I typed it as I heard it and maybe I am here, down here, watching tv late at night for a reason: "live your life making change, not waiting for it" [cornelious flowers]. so as always, time for a kick in the butt - quit mopping, cor. get a grip. stop waiting for it all to come to you & start making it happen.

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