Tuesday, July 31, 2012

eight days a week

I have some new summer loves.  thought I'd share!

1.  the chew.  CLINTON KELLY.  do I need to say more??  I have it set on my pvr.  it's cooking.  it's crafting.  it's fun.  I don't usually watch daytime tv {yeah, 'cause I work!} and in the summers, it's usually all about csi and criminal minds reruns.  and now, I have the chew.  LOVE!

2.  batman.  FOR FLIPPIN' REAL.  I have never really bought into the batman craze.  I liked the other movies, but JF & I went to see the dark knight rises last night and I loved it.  k.  and anne hathaway as catwoman?  she kicked ass.  loved.

3.  RDJ.  why is this a new obsession for me?  I had a strange dream about him the other night.  I've decided that he's my new boyfriend.  I'm stealing him from e.  and I may re-watch the iron man movies.

4.  maeve binchy.  she passed away today.  I've read almost all of her books.  I've never been to Ireland, but she takes me there every time.  circle of friends.  light a penny candle.  I may have to re-read my faves.  oh, and have you seen the movie "circle of friends" {1995 friends!!}??  chris o'donnell & minnie driver.  and the the song "you're the one" written and sung by shane macgowan of the pogues.  L.O.V.E.

oh, you know I found the video.  my tribute to maeve binchy.  go read one of her books.

and I'll leave that at that for today.  I'm going to finish watching the chew and drinking my coffee.  have a great tuesday, peeps!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I want to hold your hand

so, my sweet nate turned nine last weekend.  I'm quite sure that I've missed some years somewhere, and possibly some inches.  I know everyone says, "where does the time go?", but honestly, I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday.  I remember my water breaking in evie's kitchen.  driving myself to the hospital because she doesn't drive a standard.  trying to get a hold of john because he was in school at the time.  induction.  emergency c-section.  not being able to manage the pain afterwards, but clueless how to find someone to help me!  having the nurses take him for the night so I could sleep.  breast feeding.  trying to breast feed.  having a stranger grab my boob and just STUFF it in his mouth.  ha!  and wondering when his real parents were going to come and get him because I was done babysitting.  it seems like it was yesterday, but also a lifetime ago.

and I remember his first birthday, when he only weighed 17 lbs and was considered "failure to thrive".  he had lost weight and was throwing up any food I would give him.  it was a relief when we found out that he had allergies.  and a bigger relief when a year later he had caught up with his weight and out-grown all of his food allergies.

and now he's nine.  still a little boy, but struggling to be his own person.  he is kind and sweet and good.  he has a kind heart that wants to give to those around him.  but he's fearful - sometimes scared to be his own person.  I worry sometimes that his sensitive spirit will be crushed.  even by my own words.

he still kisses me goodnight.  holds my hand in a busy place.  hugs me goodbye.  is the first person to call me on my birthday.  still sleeps with his bear-bear.  he's clever with numbers and has been known to create amazing pieces of artwork {only at school, of course!}.  he's my soccer player with a coveted left kick and he has a knack of knowing where the play in the game is going.  everyone wants to be his friend.  he loves sports and telling jokes.

he is a good kid; I am lucky to be his mom.  and my prayer for him is that he grows up to be a good man.  that he doesn't cave to peer pressure.  that he does what he knows is right.

happy birthday, my sweet boy.  I love you love you.

here comes the sun

in honour of the summer olympics, british song titles for the duration!!

I realized tonight that I didn't ever do a birthday post for nate.  I'll do that in the morning.  {I got some decent pictures of him on his actual birthday but they're on the big camera...I have to move them.}

this week has been a tad busier than last week...

{hockey camp for the wee tyrone.  he LOVES it.  why am I shocked?}

{ty and I met some friends for a movie.  it's nice when I get time alone with just one kid!}

{I went to see mary poppins with my mom, two of my sisters and my niece.  it was AMAZING!}

{the remainder of my cards from saturday...I gifted one set to my sister for her birthday}

I realized sometime on sunday that I had double posted some of my card pics...sorry about that!  I had coffee at the movie tonight.  yeah.  I am nowhere near tired.  oh, and I joined pinterest.  damn it all.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I crafted today.  as in I actually went downstairs, turned on the lights and made new cards.  I used new stuff, old stuff, not yet released stuff.  and if I was a good stampin' up demonstrator, I'd list it all.  I'm not that good.  ha!  I even used retired stuff and quite frankly, I don't care.  pretty is pretty.  that said, I'm in LOVE with this bohemian paper business.  it's vibrant and LOVELY.  I made two of these cards today and the rest are from the last month...

{made this one today.  I think the celebrate stamp is in the new mini.  I regret the green I used; I usually take more care with my matching!!}

{made this two weeks ago...it's just happy!}

{made this one in june...I borrowed this set.  I like the results!}

{I over processed this photo a bit, but you get the idea.}

{another typewriter one...}

{made this one with new stuff...two weeks ago}

{another one I made today...a bit of old stuff with some new colours and a new stamp set!}

and I'm going to head down there again and see what else inspires me!  I'm just needing the break...

Friday, July 20, 2012


y'all know the love I have for the killers, right?  I have a fangirl crush on brandon flowers.  my dream concert.

new song, dudes.  I love.  it sounds a bit like brandon flowers' solo stuff and in my books, that's ALL good!!  flamingo is one of my all time favourite albums.  the new album comes out in september, I think.  yippie!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

one foot

saw this today:

I have met some incredible people along this journey.  and so often I forget to express my appreciation. for those of you that have laughed with me, thank you.  for those of you that have ducked when the f-word is flying, thank you.  for those of you that have told me to get a grip, thank you.  for those of you that have said no, thank you.  for those of you that have just let me cry in the dark, thank you.  for those of you that have extended a hand, thank you.  for those of you that have embodied grace, thank you.

I am so destination driven that I forget that the journey is really who you meet while we're all struggling just to put one foot in front of the other.  it's about relationships.  and I suck at those.

some of us have journeyed a long way and some just a short distance.  regardless, the imprint that is made in my heart is just that.  an imprint.  permanent.  lasting.  and each of you compels me to be a better person.

thank you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

all alright

okay.  I need a whining moment.  being sick sucks.  I'm blaming the cigar I smoked last thursday night. I woke up with the start of a tickle in the back of my throat on friday morning.  then add some late nights and "ta-da!" full on sore throat as of monday morning.  and now it's wednesday and I still don't have much of a voice.  and my throat, although not tormenting me at the same level {woohoo, I can swallow without pain!} is still not 100%.  grrr.

I'll stop whining now.

who's in the mood for some good music this morning?  so lately I've been addicted to fun.  the band.

the video is not totally my thing, but I love the song.  in fact, the whole album is pretty good - it was my packing music!  and just maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get sometime in my craft room today and I'll blare my music.  here's to hoping!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

home for a rest

I'm pretty sure I've used this as a blog post title before, but it's how I feel.  I always have fun when I go away.  I always enjoy coming home.  yesterday was no exception.  7 days in vegas is almost too much. almost, but not quite!

every time I leave, I learn how much I appreciate what I have at home.  the kids brought little notes/crafts that they made to the airport.  nate held my hand the whole time.  ty wanted a cuddle when we got home.  going away is good.  coming home is better.

I had a lot of "alone with my head" time.  and I feel that emotionally, I've turned a corner.  I am not who I was six months ago.  and I am not the person who was in extreme crisis two summers ago.  I'm definitely not "there" yet, but I am seeing some things with clear eyes.  shit has gone down in my head for the last two years and I am feeling feisty enough {okay, so I'm sick right now, so totally speaking metaphorically!!} to deal.  and admitting this, is monumental in and of itself.  although you know I'm good with working out my stuff on my blog, I can't get all my thoughts straight today - I'm in a meds-induced fog.

so, I'll leave you with some pics and we'll continue this conversation soon.  I promise.

 {the view from our room.  25th floor of the flamingo is always good!}

 {starting out at the mob museum.  totally a great place!}

 {oh, but they put me in a line up.  and told me not to smile.  which made me laugh.}

 {we did a "fancy" dinner one night.  I looked a bit fancy.}

 {love the old, little casinos on fremont street where they pay out in nickels.  I won $10.  in nickels.}

 {then we were given tickets to this show.  it was pretty funny and we were in the second row.  sweet!}

 {on sunday, I dragged leanne to the house of blues for the gospel brunch.  the food was AMAZING; the show wasn't as good as it was the last time I saw it.}

{heading home}

Thursday, July 05, 2012

it gets better

I had a big writing plan for tonight, but I have such a massive headache and I just don't know if I can formulate a thought!  I suspect that I didn't drink enough water today and my head is rebelling against the lack of sugar.  grrr.

regardless, lots got done today and I even had a crafting date!!  playing with new paper makes me happy!!

okay, so my big writing plan got derailed, but really, today was a good day...even with a headache!!
I'll try again tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

carry on

summer vacation.  swimming lessons.  5 more sleeps until 40 {I'm counting it down like the kids!}.  4 more sleeps until the "at the pool in the heat" vacation.  sigh.  I told myself that this week was my do nothing week and I'm having a hard time doing nothing!  my body doesn't seem to know how to be at rest!!

that said, I'm on book two of the "fraser family reading program" which is more like my poor kids having a mother that makes them read and then they get to write down their books on the chalkboard.  not much of a program.  regardless, the teacher in me knows that kids can move backwards in their reading over a summer.  not my kids, damn it.  ha!  we also made a July plan...okay, a kinda plan.  it's more circular than linear, but a way to keep us a bit focused.

well the wind is blowing something fierce and phineas & ferb is on.   love!  oh and the pot of coffee needs drinking.  I do love summer.  have a great day, peeps!

oh, and I threw a link to my "summer project" over there ----> {somewhere...!}  I'll get you better directions!!  ha!