Tuesday, July 17, 2012

home for a rest

I'm pretty sure I've used this as a blog post title before, but it's how I feel.  I always have fun when I go away.  I always enjoy coming home.  yesterday was no exception.  7 days in vegas is almost too much. almost, but not quite!

every time I leave, I learn how much I appreciate what I have at home.  the kids brought little notes/crafts that they made to the airport.  nate held my hand the whole time.  ty wanted a cuddle when we got home.  going away is good.  coming home is better.

I had a lot of "alone with my head" time.  and I feel that emotionally, I've turned a corner.  I am not who I was six months ago.  and I am not the person who was in extreme crisis two summers ago.  I'm definitely not "there" yet, but I am seeing some things with clear eyes.  shit has gone down in my head for the last two years and I am feeling feisty enough {okay, so I'm sick right now, so totally speaking metaphorically!!} to deal.  and admitting this, is monumental in and of itself.  although you know I'm good with working out my stuff on my blog, I can't get all my thoughts straight today - I'm in a meds-induced fog.

so, I'll leave you with some pics and we'll continue this conversation soon.  I promise.

 {the view from our room.  25th floor of the flamingo is always good!}

 {starting out at the mob museum.  totally a great place!}

 {oh, but they put me in a line up.  and told me not to smile.  which made me laugh.}

 {we did a "fancy" dinner one night.  I looked a bit fancy.}

 {love the old, little casinos on fremont street where they pay out in nickels.  I won $10.  in nickels.}

 {then we were given tickets to this show.  it was pretty funny and we were in the second row.  sweet!}

 {on sunday, I dragged leanne to the house of blues for the gospel brunch.  the food was AMAZING; the show wasn't as good as it was the last time I saw it.}

{heading home}

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