Thursday, July 26, 2012

here comes the sun

in honour of the summer olympics, british song titles for the duration!!

I realized tonight that I didn't ever do a birthday post for nate.  I'll do that in the morning.  {I got some decent pictures of him on his actual birthday but they're on the big camera...I have to move them.}

this week has been a tad busier than last week...

{hockey camp for the wee tyrone.  he LOVES it.  why am I shocked?}

{ty and I met some friends for a movie.  it's nice when I get time alone with just one kid!}

{I went to see mary poppins with my mom, two of my sisters and my niece.  it was AMAZING!}

{the remainder of my cards from saturday...I gifted one set to my sister for her birthday}

I realized sometime on sunday that I had double posted some of my card pics...sorry about that!  I had coffee at the movie tonight.  yeah.  I am nowhere near tired.  oh, and I joined pinterest.  damn it all.

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