Tuesday, July 31, 2012

eight days a week

I have some new summer loves.  thought I'd share!

1.  the chew.  CLINTON KELLY.  do I need to say more??  I have it set on my pvr.  it's cooking.  it's crafting.  it's fun.  I don't usually watch daytime tv {yeah, 'cause I work!} and in the summers, it's usually all about csi and criminal minds reruns.  and now, I have the chew.  LOVE!

2.  batman.  FOR FLIPPIN' REAL.  I have never really bought into the batman craze.  I liked the other movies, but JF & I went to see the dark knight rises last night and I loved it.  k.  and anne hathaway as catwoman?  she kicked ass.  loved.

3.  RDJ.  why is this a new obsession for me?  I had a strange dream about him the other night.  I've decided that he's my new boyfriend.  I'm stealing him from e.  and I may re-watch the iron man movies.

4.  maeve binchy.  she passed away today.  I've read almost all of her books.  I've never been to Ireland, but she takes me there every time.  circle of friends.  light a penny candle.  I may have to re-read my faves.  oh, and have you seen the movie "circle of friends" {1995 friends!!}??  chris o'donnell & minnie driver.  and the the song "you're the one" written and sung by shane macgowan of the pogues.  L.O.V.E.

oh, you know I found the video.  my tribute to maeve binchy.  go read one of her books.

and I'll leave that at that for today.  I'm going to finish watching the chew and drinking my coffee.  have a great tuesday, peeps!!

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lyssa said...

Hmm, I might have to pvr the chew now that the Bachelorette is over ;)

And I might have to actually read a Maeve Binchy book, I know, I know, it's shocking that I haven't yet.

Thanks for the fun suggestions/info!