Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I need some sleep!

I am tired. So very tired. I had big plans to get up at 6am this morning and head to the gym, but Nate was up at 4pm with wet pants & a wet bed...grrr. oh well! I think I will just take it easy tonight and go in early and hope that tonight is uneventful. Nate is crying under the door as I type...trying to play it up...double-grrr.

I'd better go and tend to him!

Monday, February 27, 2006

well, here is my creation! all made with SU! products - the new spring papers & punch. the booklet opens and has pictures of the kids...not my usual hostess gift, but I am doing a party for mainly scrappers this week, so I wanted to show off the versitility of SU! products.

poko is back...

and I have a VERY happy little boy! [see www.cbc.ca/cbckids/ for more details :)] I ate a healthy breakfast this morning, did meal planning this weekend and went shopping, stocked up on low-cal, flavor-friendly snacks, have a decent cup of coffee in front of me and today, I am going to enjoy la dolce vita. the Italians have it right - live the sweet life - one of no worries, just of enjoying each moment. and in honour of that principle, I am going to post my new creation here [as soon as it's downloaded off my camera!], and share it...just because I am so proud of myself!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

a quick thank you

just want to say thank you to those people who leave comments from time to time - I appreciate it!

new goal: start a walking class and do a walking half marathon. okay, so I think I may be crazy, but I guess it's a good goal. my mom is signing us up to walk the half in August. well, I had better get back on track with eating and exercise pretty darn quick if this is going to be the case.

I gained a pound this week - it could be the decrease in water [my big water bottle has found a new home in the back of my brother's car], and the increase in junk...either way, things are back on track!

Friday, February 24, 2006

finland vs swedan

okay, so this has nothing to do with hockey. just what's on tv right now.

I am having a rough day. I am tired and therefore hungry. not hungry, just wanting to eat. tired and wanting to stuff my face with chocolate and all things good and sugary. what do I really crave?? sleep. a dr pepper. nate to be potty trained. not having a sick baby. being able to afford to stay home instead of going back to work. more hours in the day. chocolate. cookies. fudge. coffee. THAT I can do! see, I feel better already! okay, so maybe it's not that simple, but coffee would hit the spot.

truth be known, although I only count my weigh-in's on Saturdays, I weighed myself last night and I was up a pound. that really irks me. and makes me feel so discouraged.

but, in the words of winston churchill, "never, never, never quit".

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i love 2 year olds

grrrr...the trials of a two year old make me want to wallow in food. I am trying sooo hard to be consistent, but it is such a tough thing to maintain when I am feeling sick. I have felt a bit off the last few days...like I am treading into unknown territory. I need to spend today staying on track, staying away from high calorie foods - especially refined sugars. NO WHITE TODAY!!

I started this morning with my oatmeal-apple-pecan breakfast, so I feel full and satisfied. I just need to continue this today...hard to do when not at home. For dinner I am making stir-fry for John and the boys, but I think for me, some salad with protein is what I am really craving.

I need to make our meal plan for the next week and buy groceries tomorrow. That I can do! I just need to remember that I don't like how I feel when I over eat; I don't like how I feel when I eat nasty white foods; I don't like how I feel when I don't respect my body by making nutritional choices with my food.

I want to like me. And I deserve to feel good about myself. I deserve to treat myself well.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

a thought...or two!

we live the life we choose. I am standing here and choosing transformation - my heart, mind, body.

I had a great workout today - tried the full body circuit-thingy! next time I will do 3 circuits, as 2 was good, but I could have mustered out another one!

Nate is driving me around the bend right now - a total 2.5 year old, but still, the attitude and sassy mouth are becoming more evident. consistency, consistency, consistency. that will have to be the name of the game. a united front. no one buckles! I guess I will have to confer with John on that one!


so yesterday was my worst eating day in recent history. I learned a couple of things.
1. when I let my guard down, I honestly just don't honour myself with food; 2. I feel absolutley gross when I eat too much and especially too much of the wrong things; 3. today is fresh with no mistakes in it...one bad day will not break me.

good thing there are ALWAYS things to be learned!

Friday, February 17, 2006

new goals

the powerfoods:
1. almonds and nuts
2. beans & legumes
3. spinach & other greens
4. fat-free dairy
5. oatmeal
6. eggs
7. turkey & other lean meats
8. peanut butter
9. olive oil
10. whole grains
11. raspberries & other berries

I am aiming to get these foods into each meal...or at least add 1 or 2 to each meal!
And...I am going to try a new exercise routine today - we will see how that goes! I am going to try a full-body circut system, so that I don't need to worry about what days I go; I can do the same sort of thing everytime!!

PLUS: my new goal [once the kids are sleeping in the night again!!] is to do daily ab exercises.

a quick note

I haven't written all week. grrr. Ty is teething, and Nate might be too. double grrr. I haven't had a good nights sleep all week. surprise yesterday, tho...I won one of the lulu challenges! great prize too! I am SOOOOOOO proud of myself for sticking with it and not losing sight of my goal. now it's just a matter of not letting life get in the way! back to cuddle sick boys. I'll reflect more a bit later.

Monday, February 13, 2006

the goods

so good news...happy me! since november 15th, I've lost 13lbs! yeah me! this means that all my hard work is slowly paying off. that means in another 12 weeks [so, may 17th] another 13lbs could be gone. in my case, slow and steady wins the race. I feel good and I'm happy that I didn't back down from this challenge.

last week was a pretty good eating week. my calories were within 1550 & 1900 per day and I averaged around 10 glasses of water a day. I just need to remember that no one day will break me and no one meal will make me. I am working towards a healthy me...for life.

happy me!

Friday, February 10, 2006

the way i see it #63

Thank you, Starbucks!

"Our lives are inspired by the dreams we have from the earliest stages of our youth. When you combine passion and hard work, then success is always possible. While no road is ever straight, dedication and persistence will always lead you to your dreams." [Arte Moreno]

Just a thought for the day.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I feel blah! I've been eating well and moving as much as I can, but I feel like I am hitting the wall. emotionally. I feel myself cutting corners here and there and I cannot let myself do that. why? why am I sabotaging myself? bottom line, I don't believe that I deserve to be happy with how I look. I don't believe that I am worthy of the time and energy it takes to take care of me. I don't believe that I deserve to be skinny. why? I know why...not ready to post it in an open blog. I need to get this train back on track so to don't fall all the way over. bottom line, if I don't do this now in my life, it ain't ever gonna happen. so, pull up your socks, girl and buckle down and do the work. today. right now. forever.

Monday, February 06, 2006

a reminder from my friend...

My friend Erika reminded me of a few things a couple of weeks ago...and it's stuff I don't want to forget. It is such an encouragement to have people walking in this journey with me.

Remember Cor - we're working on healthful living. Making lifestyle changes that effect all areas of our life, not just our weight. You're making your heart healthier (the #1 killer of women is heart disease), you're making your lungs stronger, your bones stronger. These are all more important than whether or not we fit in a certain size. Weight loss is a fringe benefit, remember? The goal is healthy living, not weight loss. Having said that.... remember you are weight training. Muscle is smaller than fat, but weighs MORE than fat. You may have only lost 3 lbs over all..... but you may have lost 8lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle. Instead of going by the scale, why not take your measurements once a week. I find that to be WAY more encouraging than the scale. Cuz one week the scale may not budge, but your waist may have shrank an inch. Didn't you tell me you had pants that were fitting that didn't before?? Obviously you ARE changing your body! No matter what the scale says!!! This is for life. Healthy living is not dictated by the scale, mood or current activities. It's for life!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


well after all my moaning and complaining about my back this week, I went to the gym and did a wee workout on the treadmill...which felt great, until it didn't feel so great! But hey, I am down 2 lbs from last week so it's ALL GOOD!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


went and saw the movie tonight. wow. very moving, very well done.

we did pig out on candy, but John and I have a new deal on that...if it is date night, we are not going to count those as calories, whether it is a movie or dinner, we are just going to enjoy being out with each other and put our calorie counting aside for the night.

that said, my back is feeling a bit better and I think that I am going to take a go at treadmill tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

proud of me

I fit a size smaller than I did last month. WOOHOO, me!! It sucks having a sore back & not being about to workout, but that's okay. A comeback is a-comin'!