Friday, February 17, 2006

new goals

the powerfoods:
1. almonds and nuts
2. beans & legumes
3. spinach & other greens
4. fat-free dairy
5. oatmeal
6. eggs
7. turkey & other lean meats
8. peanut butter
9. olive oil
10. whole grains
11. raspberries & other berries

I am aiming to get these foods into each meal...or at least add 1 or 2 to each meal!
And...I am going to try a new exercise routine today - we will see how that goes! I am going to try a full-body circut system, so that I don't need to worry about what days I go; I can do the same sort of thing everytime!!

PLUS: my new goal [once the kids are sleeping in the night again!!] is to do daily ab exercises.

1 comment:

crabbyabbe said...

awesome site just made me change my mind on lunch, instead of the mac n cheese I was going to eat with the boys I am going ahead with the earlier planned turkey and f/f cheese on rye and some cantaloupe!!!