Thursday, October 19, 2006

big smiles

nate & I took some pictures the other's sometimes hard to get him smiling on camera; that's why I love these!

Friday, October 13, 2006


hi. my name is cori. I have issues. bread issues. grrr.

so, I've been off this week with a sore back & I've been following doctor's orders by icing & walking. but it's been sore. really sore. but I digress. so this morning, I drove john to work and had a thought. a cinnamon bun thought. an "I don't care if they are 467 calories" thought. the I-need-one-right-now thought. so I drove past cobs. wasn't sure if they were open yet & I didn't feel like getting out of the car so I just keep driving. phew! well, came home and the need for a cinnamon bun was still forefront in my little brain. so I had an idea! [yeah, once in a while...!] if I walked to cobs, I could justify a cinnamon bun. two birds, one stone...good thinking. it's a really chilly, fall edmonton morning. only 2 degrees and it's all cold and misty and the leaves are just crunchy as you walk...mmmm! k, so back to the story. I walk all the way to cobs and I begin to have some guilt issues. yeah, not about the cinnamon buns but about my bakery of choice. yes, I am purchasing yet again from the competition. THAT was my guilt issue. to make up for this, I've decided that I will take a trip down to bee bell just to make up for all my cobs purchasing. k, so my mind works in strange ways.

I get to cobs, all guilt aside, and I order my cinnamon buns and what do I see??? a scone. not just any scone. it's a still-warm, cheese & chive scone. yeah, I bought one. so, I walked home, crunching the leaves with my feet, letting my warm scone melt in my mouth. and my cinnamon buns are sitting on the counter. untouched. alone. do I want one now? heck no. nothing can trump the scone.

told ya I had bread issues.

Monday, October 09, 2006

the back ally...

now, most back allies here in edmonton are boring, garbage-laden or down right creepy. but ours, well it just lifts my spirits to drive down our back lane, especially when the leaves are so pretty. it's surrounded by old fences, older trees and orange leave galore. absolutly beautiful!

and speaking of backs...mine is not great. in fact, I don't even know what I did - maybe it's sharing the bed with a sick 3 year old. regardless [because irregardless is NOT a word], it HURTS!!!

thankfully though, this weekend has been pretty low-key. and in a bit, we will be heading to John's mom's house for dinner. and to watch the football game!

Monday, October 02, 2006

my nate...

I think I love these pictures!

I am SORE!!

I went to my second class with lesley. and now I hurt...BIG TIME! it's a good hurt tho, so I'm not complaining, but tomorrow should be fun. school exhausted me today & I lost it on the kids was just not a good scene - they just wouldn't settle down enough and a few of them were just off, more so than normal. good thing tomorrow is a new day, fresh with no mistakes in it...for all of us! so, I'll try again tomorrow, and just hope for the best.

also, I took some pics of nate yesterday...I'll go load them up :)