Friday, October 13, 2006


hi. my name is cori. I have issues. bread issues. grrr.

so, I've been off this week with a sore back & I've been following doctor's orders by icing & walking. but it's been sore. really sore. but I digress. so this morning, I drove john to work and had a thought. a cinnamon bun thought. an "I don't care if they are 467 calories" thought. the I-need-one-right-now thought. so I drove past cobs. wasn't sure if they were open yet & I didn't feel like getting out of the car so I just keep driving. phew! well, came home and the need for a cinnamon bun was still forefront in my little brain. so I had an idea! [yeah, once in a while...!] if I walked to cobs, I could justify a cinnamon bun. two birds, one stone...good thinking. it's a really chilly, fall edmonton morning. only 2 degrees and it's all cold and misty and the leaves are just crunchy as you walk...mmmm! k, so back to the story. I walk all the way to cobs and I begin to have some guilt issues. yeah, not about the cinnamon buns but about my bakery of choice. yes, I am purchasing yet again from the competition. THAT was my guilt issue. to make up for this, I've decided that I will take a trip down to bee bell just to make up for all my cobs purchasing. k, so my mind works in strange ways.

I get to cobs, all guilt aside, and I order my cinnamon buns and what do I see??? a scone. not just any scone. it's a still-warm, cheese & chive scone. yeah, I bought one. so, I walked home, crunching the leaves with my feet, letting my warm scone melt in my mouth. and my cinnamon buns are sitting on the counter. untouched. alone. do I want one now? heck no. nothing can trump the scone.

told ya I had bread issues.

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