Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I think I might just sweat to death...

it is FRIGGIN' hot. okay, so I can do 1 day of hot, maybe 2, but this is going on over a week - maybe 2. maybe the heat is making delusional! it got up to 33 degrees [okay, 90 something for all my american friends!!] and at 9:20 this evening, it has gone down a WHOLE 3 degrees!

alas, if the heat is all I have to complain about, I have it good. today has been a good day, other than not strapping on the sneakers to hit the pavement. john's hours at work have changed, so he was home at 3:30 today - tomorrow I am going to take advantage of that and head to the air conditioned gym to have a work out. do some serious cardio. and some hills. I have a bunch of stampin' to do this week too - nate's birthday invites, RAKs, birthday cards, other stuffs! I have been LAZY with a capital L [okay, so other capitals as well!]. the lazy stops now! I think I will get up before the boys tomorrow morning while the air is still cool, and try to get some stuff done! thursday night is part 2 of my new catty get together - I hope it's as successful [and by successful I mean A WHOLE LOT OF GOOD TIMES!!] as monday afternoon was!

oh, and 3L of water in my body! WOOHOO!

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