Monday, July 10, 2006

about being 34...

I meant to spend some time doing my birthday reflections & goal setting...yeah, like that happened yesterday! LOL it was a good birthday - not a lot of fanfare, but some time with family & lots of well wishes from friends. I think I always send my family [mom, aunt, oma??] into a bit of a tizzy when I have a birthday, since I was the FIRST in the family & therefore a reminder of how old everyone is getting! I now get it. as I see nate get older [his birthday being in less than 2 weeks], I am reminded of how fast time flies. days can be long, weeks and years even longer. but looking back, how time just flies. maybe my goal for this year is one I have tried to achieve for many years. slow down. take time to enjoy every moment. life can get so extremely busy that it is easy to forget to live la dolce vita - the sweet life. maybe this is why I loved italy so much...taking time to have a coffee with friends, living life passionately, loving fully. we'll make that the mantra of my 34th year.

and goal no. 2...I have no plans of being unfit & unhealthy by my 35th birthday. that's a whole year to lose 40 or so pounds. yes, I have started on this path already & 25 is nothing to scoff at, but I need to remember that there is a goal in sight & not to lose heart even if I am having some clothing issues.

well, all that & it's monday now. how many more days until I leave??? not that many. I'll "blog" about that a bit later!!

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paige said...

Happy belated birthday! Just wanted to say hi from a fellow SCSer, and hope your summer is going well.