Saturday, July 08, 2006

I stole this...and I might just love it!

I am: proud of me
I want: to not have food control every thing in my life
I have: an amazing husband & amazing kids
I wish: I didn't have to work
I hate: hot weather & cold weather
I miss: my friend coralee
I hear: the traffic outside & john watching tv
I wonder: if I am going to be able to do the 21k that I signed up for
I regret: not taking care of me earlier on in my life
I am not: going to EVER give up
I dance: with john when he is in a quirky mood
I sing: when I'm happy or when the boys need some entertainment
I cry: when I'm so insainly pissed off or completely overwhelmed
I am not always: patient with my kids
I make with my hands: all sorts of interesting creations, music, cyber places
I write: my thoughts, wishes, hopes
I confuse: needs & wants
I need: to praise more often
I should: go read a book
I start: the coffee pot with the help of little fingers, creating with no goal, teaching with no real plan
I finish: some of the things I start

I "stole" this from Lisa Johnson

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