Thursday, January 03, 2008


I WANT SOME CHOCOLATE!!! I feel like I've been hungry all day, although I shouldn't really be hungry at all. not enough water, too many veggies. LOL it's really a no win situation! carrots will never taste like chocolate. nor will broccoli or tomatoes. grrr. brian wansink calles this "the Tyranny of the Moment". you can make all the plans you want, but until new habits are formed, plans can easily be tossed aside by emotions. the whole "oh, I'm out for coffee, I can just have one treat" or "I can walk twice the distance tomorrow" hits when life gets busy and emotional. although today hasn't been so emotional, I am currently fighting the urge to fight my tiredness with food.

there are some habits that can begin to change, being replaced with better habits - things that will easily knock a couple of hundred calories off my plate [pun intended!!]:
#1: the half plate rule - half of my plate will be veggies or a salad, the other half will be the rest of the meal. or with how I cook, the top half will be veggies!
#2: 20% more & less - 20% more veggies [hence the wish that veggies tasted like chocolate] and 20% less of everything else.
#3: pre-portion serving sizes - take things out of the packages and put them in baggies, or put a serving on a plate, then put the rest away.
[all of these ideas are courtesy of brian wansink's mindless eating]

I think I will go to bed early [like after er, 'cause it's a gooder!!] and try to reboot the system for tomorrow...the more I think of it, hunger & a belly full of fiber feel vaguely similar!

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