Wednesday, January 23, 2008

a crazy couple of days

something is up with me. my head doesn't feel right. my body is out of sinc. I am so crazy tired. ALL OF THE FLIPPIN' TIME! and I am NOT pregnant. so don't even go there. I actually had john hide EVERY stinkin' piece of chocolate while I was out tonight. mainly, because with the way I'm feeling, I could sit in the closet and eat every last piece.

grrr. if you can figure out my issues, let me know!

well, I figure I am going to beat down this nastiness. I went to exercise class twice this week...mainly because I weighed myself on tuesday and NOTHING [oh, and my lovely husband nearly kicked me out of the house when he heard that I was wanting to skip class]. I am SO discouraged. then, at my class some random lady asked me if I had lost weight. I could have kissed her! so, I worked harder than I ever have worked before and my ass hurts more than anything. I am going get this nasty food addiction under control and I am going to beat my sorry ass into shape because I DESERVE IT. however, I cannot do it alone. I am so tired of battling this bad-mind-self-talk-crazy-crap. can I go upstairs and crawl into my bed and start fresh tomorrow?? NO...because we are watching FNL again!


Chris said...

Hey cori!! Keep pressing on!!! It will get easier...I had this tiredness you speak of last year. I finally got a doctor to listen to me (no, I'm not depressed!!!) and he ran some additional thyroid panels besides the regular one. Amazing, I was hypothyroid, not much, but a low dose of the medicine and I felt better in a few weeks!

susan santos said...

Hey Cor, maybe if you made time to have coffee with me you'd feel better - I think you have a serious case of Susan withdrawal!! Don't worry, it isn't fatal - I will see you on Tuesday,and we'll make a plan for our next "therapy session" and you'll be feeling better in no time!!