Saturday, January 12, 2008


it's been a busy couple of days. not too sure what I've been up to, but it just feels like it was wednesday, and now it's saturday! I have had a few rotten eating days. damn toblerone. actually, it was far too early in the journey to be handed a toblerone by one of my students on the first day of school, and have the ginormous chocolate bar see the end of the week. grrr. that and a few outings [meals not at my house] are a recipe for disaster!

alas, all is not lost. I found my old school paper weight on my desk this morning and it says "never never never quit" [winston churchill]. so, on this lovely saturday morning, I will say the same thing. I will not quit. I will not be beat. I will choose to forge my path. I will hold on. persevere.

and although, it is not thursday, I will do my thankful thursday, since I forgot [how sad, second week in!!]. today I am thankful for 2 year old cuddles. fingers in his mouth, curled up in a ball, snuggling in like he always has. tender moments with ty make parenting the not so tender moments a bit easier.

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