Tuesday, January 01, 2008

day 1

sucked BIG TIME! okay, not totally. slept in, had a good breakfast, FORGOT to eat lunch [what is up with that???], was a bit TOO hungry when we got to my mom & dad's and ate a few treats. and then I had a bowl of soup and a lovely bun. okay, so I ate a few things more than I had planned, but I guess I should cut myself some slack - I ate WAY less than I usually do!

THEN, I came home and ate a whole twix bar because I was having a stress moment. and because it was there. grrr. I did count it, which means the rest of the week I will have to be uber good with my points! but, on a totally good note, I have had a TON of water today. and since that really was my goal for today, then GOOD FOR ME!

and my quote for the day is this: do not "try" or "hope" for results. either do it or don't.

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