Monday, December 31, 2007

more purging!

so, today I did the cupboards - the pantry, actually. I got rid of a ton of old stuff & rearranged everything else. and it was a good eating day...until susan showed up with cake!! nah, when you know that you are going to enjoy some good food and drinks with friends, then being careful all day totally pays off.

tomorrow is new years day. hopefully I can just stick to the plan and drink a ton of water. I am also hoping that I have a few minutes to take a walk [and that the weather is nice enough!].

and what is the plan?? well, I registered myself for the vancouver marathon in may. and before you get all concerned about my mental heath - I am registered to walk the half marathon. there are 18 week between now and then. so, I am committing to 18 weeks of vigorous training. 18 weeks to retrain my body, so it can walk 21k, retrain my head so that I start eating like an athlete and retrain my muscles so they can assist with the shedding of some of this extra poundage that I am walking around with. so, as of today, I am an athlete in training. and the tape of negative self talk that usually plays in my head has 18 weeks to get reprogrammed. I have a goal of 2 pounds lost per week and I am going to accomplish this in two ways: eat less. move more. this week I am working on getting 2L of water in me every day. because I have a half way point. in 9 weeks, I am going on a mini vacation with my mom & sisters. in 9 weeks, I plan to fit into the size 14 jeans I bought yesterday.

now, I never buy clothes that are too small, but in an effort to try something new to kick start myself, I bought these GREAT jeans [and they were uber cheap] in a size too small. I plan to wear them to palm springs, with my super cute, also currently too small, zebra hoodie. that means, I need to kick it into high gear over the next 9 weeks - 18lbs is the plan. 189lbs is the plan. you do the math. that would put me just a bit lower than where I was when I shmuked my ankle last spring. phew! THAT is the current mini plan.

off to connie & scott's for some wii & wine. hugs and smooches, friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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