Wednesday, December 26, 2007


a good chrismas and a good martini.

christmas is always so super busy and wild, this christmas was no different. I survived playing for 2 christmas eve services. we had a nice time with john's mom on christmas eve as well - it is so much nicer with the boys being a bit older this year. nate & I also went to my uncle hank's on christmas eve [john took ty home to bed!]. by the time I got home, nate was pretty zonked. john had washed and vacuumed all the floors, so I just had food prep to do & stockings to fill. not too bad overall!

all of my family was over for christmas morning [hence the food prep on xmas eve!]...I am thinking that 5 pots of coffee were made & enjoyed, 2 pans of french toast were eaten, 20 or so presents opened [5 of which were remote controlled vehicles!] and tons of pictures taken by other people! everyone was gone by noon or so and we spent some time chilling with the boys.

by 4:30, we were all at my mom & dad's for dinner [12 adults, 5 kids and 1 newborn]. it was a nice time visiting with everyone, holding the new baby, watching all the kids play together. I have to say, for all the planning stress that comes with christmas, it was a nice time [even though it was 2 days full of family!!!].

and then there is boxing day. although john and I hardly ever do any boxing day shopping, we do some boxing day sleeping in! john basically spent the day setting up the boy's playmobil sets [nate got a pirate ship set & ty got a knights/castle set - I couldn't find pictures of their exact sets]. and I did nothing. hehehe! well, that's a lie. I made a "trip to coralee's" playlist for my itouch [that was my "official" christmas present, although I've had it for a week or so!] since the boys and I are heading to st paul's tomorrow morning to spend a day/night with coralee.

oh, and I made a killer martini. 2 parts vodka, 1 part creme de cocoa, 1 part peppermint schnapps. shake over ice, pour, shave some milk chocolate on top! yumm-o!!

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