Thursday, December 20, 2007

bad blogger, bad friend

yup. that's me. let me give you the run down of the last week or so.

1. teach full time
2. sick kids
3. christmas shopping
4. going-away scrapbook for a colleague
5. christmas concert/carnival
6. a 4-year old pooing his pants at my school
7. cards for nearly everyone but the people I should have mailed them to
8. 3 trips to london drugs to drop off and pick up pictures
9. pick up my replacement wedding ring
10. hair cut
11. me sick
12. christmas party for our church group [at our house]
13. staff christmas party [at our house - 2 days later!]
14. john sick & snoring
15. wash the floors - after 2 parties
16. remember to send a bit of a gift to oregon
17. secret santa gifts all week [LOVED the bailey's I ended up with!!]
18. and tonight - feed, bathe & bed 2 boys, make 3 tins of cards & make 7 doz cookies for the school cookie exchange

AND just one more lone day of school. phew. a busy weekend, but rest is a coming! please forgive me for being a delinquent cards, calls & coffee's will resume very soon. I promise.

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