Saturday, December 01, 2007

so many complications

1. our computer is broken. this makes me sad, since it was like an old friend. reliable, safe, predictable. the things I needed were there. although about 95% of our stuff had been backed up, my contact list in outlook had not been. grrr. we have since moved steph's computer from her office into our space, since she is not using it. I am really wanting a mac. we're going to start saving.

2. school is good. school is busy. I am not liking busy. I create my own reality - my own schedule. in doing that I have WAY TOO MUCH on my plate. too many commitments, not enough time to do coffee with my friends. too much fluff, not enough qt with my boys. as a result, I have gained 15lbs in the last few months. I am not feeling good about myself and am therefore not taking care of myself. I took a day off this week and had some me time. that was a good, good thing. I need a plan. a real plan. a plan that will force me into submitting. a plan that will kick my fat ass. SO, this week I will track my points on ww everyday. I will drink 8 glasses of water every day. I will go to exercise class on monday. I will do these 3 things and be okay with that.

3. christmas. feeling okay with the busyness here. I have lots of things I still have to do to get ready for christmas, but here, on this first day of december, I know I have 23 more days to get them done!!!

4. the weather here sucks right now. it is SUPER cold. that just makes me grumpy.

5. huising family christmas get-together tomorrow, parent-teacher interviews on thursday, gingerbread party for the kids on saturday, nate's music recital next sunday. jam packed. I can do this. I can be busy and be okay.

6. blogging is therapeutic. so is stamping. must do both more.

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