Tuesday, December 04, 2007

random tuesday thoughts

december is going a bit too quickly for my liking. I know it is only the 4th, but it seems crazy that monday is the 10th already. I need to get my christmas card pictures done. I need to get my christmas cards done. I need to buy some gifts. just seems a bit nuts.

I have some happy things though [mainly because the cold is making me rather miserable...the backs of my arms are cold...grrr]: I ordered an ipod touch. hehehe! I really like my ipod nano - the wee thing has done me well over the last year, but I do use it a lot and I was wanting an upgrade...SO, after consulting my brother [who has one] and my husband [who still was needing to buy me something for christmas], I ordered one. it should be here on monday. secondly, turns out that the whole lost ring business is all going to be okay. I am going in to get my finger sized for the new ring...turns out that the insurance company works with the same jeweler who originally made the ring. it is all going to be okay. AND, I was hoping that my new phone would be here today [long story about how and why I am getting a new one, but it has to do with john losing his at a football game], since john got his last week already. I am a bit bitter about mine not being here yet. alas, my husband just walked in..

stay warm & dry everyone!

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