Saturday, May 16, 2009

-17 and counting...

so, it was a good week, on the ww front! -1.2 down today for a total of -17.4. not too shabby, considering the last few weeks have been CHAOS [especially on the whole school front!]. kids have been weird both at home and at school. the weather has been awful and I feel like I've been stuck in "going nowhere fast" mode. oh well, today was the encouragement I needed to get my arse in gear - in the movement department! maybe I am on the verge of being over the top of the hill, and trust me, coming down is always easier.

and in other news:
1. boys got new [to them] bikes today
2. john and I saw x-men: origins last night [me likey!!]
3. ty potty trained himself this week
4. I've done far too much laundry this week
5. I was reminded this week that too much coffee too late at night leads to sleepless nights

have a good weekend, folks!

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