Sunday, June 10, 2012

the clock was tickin'

less than a month.  this time next month?  regardless, the big 4-0 is looming.  and honestly, I'm feeling a bit discouraged.  I had big goals.  and for some reason, I always feel compelled to match them to this magic number.  this 40 thing.  so I'm not going to have physical and emotional health in hand.  maybe my goals were a tad lofty, considering the amount of work I would need to do in order to achieve them.  ha!  yeah.  I would need to quit my job.

that said, with only 4 weeks before my birthday, I am going to focus on dropping 10 lbs.  I want to go to vegas and feel half way decent in my bathing suit.  because I plan to spend a week at the pool with my book.

and between now and then?  I have a crap load of work to get done.  I spent four hours packing boxes in my classroom yesterday and that's just the beginning.  the procrastinator in me just loves these deadlines!  however, my papers and assignments all got turned in at the beginning of this week {only 1 day late!} so that's one thing off my plate...

and since report cards don't write themselves, I'd better get the party started!!

miss you all...okay, just miss writing for y'all.  you know what I mean though, right??  just tell me that I don't look a day over 39!!!

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Tim Thurman said...

You don't look a day over 29!