Saturday, June 16, 2012

some nights.

it seems like there's been a lot of counting down lately.  it's keeping our house in focus!  2 more sleeps until ty's 7th birthday {he's SUPER excited!}.  and 2 more days until my report cards are due.  8 more days of kids at school.  10 more days of work.  21 days until the big par-tay.  22 days until I leave for vegas with the girls.  23 days until I'm 40 {I think I've done the math on that correctly!}.

john & I just looked at the calendar and the summer is filling quickly.  two weeks of swim lessons.  a week of soccer camp.  folk fest.  and like that it's going to be over.  so here's my plan:  get through the next two weeks.  and enjoy being home with the boys for the 8 weeks following.  enjoy my week away.  sleep in.  play outside.  and just enjoy being in this great town in the summer.  because maybe being 40 will be less about doing and more about being.  my 30's have been busy!  but I'll save that retrospect for a couple of weeks still.

and today, I'm going to head to school, get those dang report cards done so I can sit and enjoy the rest of my day...


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