Saturday, March 07, 2009

now THAT's more like it!

yes indeed. it's that time of week. my goal this week was to re-lose the gain, plus some. or, to make it past -15. I did both. down 2.6 for a total of -15.4. the next mental hurdle is 5 weeks. totally do-able. however, this next goal takes me to the big mental issue I always have with getting under the 200 mark. this is a really big deal to me. but, I did it once and I am determined to do it again - possibly this week.

what I've noticed:
1. my fave belt is on the last buckle.
2. my fave jeans can get pulled over my hips when I don't have said belt on.
3. people are noticing.
4. I can recover from a bad week and not lose all hope and motivation.
5. the more I do this, the better I feel.
6. I totally need the support I get from all my peeps. THANKS!!! you all are the best group of friends a girl could have!!!

and, in all that, I have great plans to craft tonight...perhaps some new pics to come.

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