Saturday, February 28, 2009


lesson learned, my ass.  [just re-read last week's post!]

so, I am up 2.2 pounds.  and SO frustrated with myself.  I've had two pretty difficult eating weeks and I made my usual mistake last Saturday:  I rewarded myself for my "almost -15".  cori rewards look like wine, nachos, candy, smut mags, movies and chocolate bars.  yeah, and I suck.  if it had only stopped there, I would have re-bounded.  it was followed up with a sloppy week and two days of eating out at teacher's convention.  thursday morning was a breakfast buffet.  the better choice would have been to stay in control of my eating and just order off the menu.  buffet's and I are life-long enemies.  I honestly don't ever feel like I eat the value of the food that I pay for, so then I eat more to make it worth my while.  then on friday it was vietnamese food for lunch and thai food for supper.  like I said, on their own, it all would have been okay.  all together over the coarse of 7 days - +2.2

lesson learned?  I sure hope so.  

on a positive note, I did run without peeing for the first time in a really long time.  I did 35 some minutes on the treadmill walking and then did 15 minutes of 1 to 1's running and walking.  pretty cool, eh?  

lots of work to do this week to take care of myself AND stay in control of my hunger, my food choices and my mindlessness.  one day at a time.

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Comeka said...

Ahhhh . . . but Cori rewards sound so, well, rewarding! Sorry you had a bad weigh-in. Here is to a better week!