Saturday, February 21, 2009

so close!

so close to -15.  -14.8 is pretty darn close.  I am down another 1.4...totally on schedule.  which is good, since I had a rough eating week on a lot of fronts.  for the first time since christmas, I used up all my extra points - on pizza and icky chicken wings and cake and a shot of baileys.  I know that is what those points are suppose to be for, but still, I usually don't use them up like I did on wednesday night!  mentally it was just a tough week and although I am glad that I didn't pay the price at the scale this week, I see now how easy it is to go back to old ways.  I am combating 15 years of bad habits with 11 weeks of new habits.  so, although I know I shouldn't beat myself up over a couple of rough days, I also know that I need to "press on", "persevere" and just "hold on" when I am tired and pms'ing and busy and just plain old tired [oh, I said that...!!!].  alas, all's well that ends well.  and lesson learned.

have a super weekend!

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