Monday, February 09, 2009


it's monday night and I feel like I've been slammed to the ground by a mack truck.  the congestion that has hit my head in the last 24 hours is unbelievable.  I knew I was going to get sick...that's what happens when you don't get proper sleep for a week due to a mysterious illness that plagues the bellies of three year olds [chances are, it's constipation, but who knows if I'm being played or not!].

on a posititve note, I am officially down 12.2 lbs.  and my blue jeans are seeing a tighter belt.  I am terrified to try on any of my smaller fitting clothes, in case I am horribly disappointed or that I wake up from the dream and everyone is laughing at me.  strange, I know.  I could be pms'ing on top of it and you know, those days are always fat days even if you weigh 102 pounds.  whatever.  maybe this saturday I will try on some other jeans and see how things are fitting.  at this rate, being at least 20lbs lighter [from the beginning weight] is looking doable for the first weekend in may:  marathon weekend!  flights are booked, hotels are being booked, I still need to register, but hey, that can wait a week or so!  now I just need to start training.  it is encouraging thought, that I should be legitimately below 200lbs on marathon day.  that alone is a good, good thing for my speed and endurance.  exciting!

well, I should be asleep - but I am still waiting for the drugs to kick in.  I seriously hope both kids have a good night and don't wake up.  if not for them, then for me.  okay, for me all the way.

I get my hair cut tomorrow.  things are good.  

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